Super Sandstorms
                            by Zifei  
What is a sandstorm?                           

A sandstorm is a strong wind that raises sand and dust. It hides the sun and decreases visibility in that area. It heats up the ground and can move  sand dunes. The front face of a sandstorm comes with a dust wall of the height of 1 mile.

What  are the necessary “ ingredients” for a sandstorm to start?

The ingredients needed for a sandstorm to occur are: wind, loose sand (soil or dust), and heating of the air (which causes the lower atmosphere to be unstable).

Where does a sandstorm frequently occur?

They frequently occur where there is dry earth combined with the right wind  conditions. Also when there is a large change in temperature. Some specific places they occur are Iraq (including other places in the  Middle East), and Southwest Asia. In spring and summer sandstorms are more active due to the strong winds.

What are some warning signs of sandstorms?

Some warning signs of sandstorms are that you can see a dust wall that is about 1 mile high and high winds.

What are some precautions people can take to prepare for a sandstorm?

They should go in their house,closes the windows and cover the entrances under their doors. If they’re outside, they should cover their faces and find  shelter.

  This is a sattellite view of a sandstorm.
How can a sandstorm affect the lives of people?

People can get valley fever (a type of lung disease). Sandstorms will affect road and air transportation. Sandstorms can produce air pollution.


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