Mrs. Beach's 3rd Graders Visit to the Little Red Schoolhouse

The boys of Mrs. Beach’s class reenter the one room school house after washing their hands in the wash basin outside on the porch.
Mrs. Beach finishes addition and subtraction lesson after calling on students to complete problems on blackboard in the front of the class.
School Rules are written on the blackboard in the front of the class. Rules include guidelines for behavior as well as how to keep the one room school house clean and well maintained.
Addition and subtraction problems just completed by Mrs. Beach’s students. Some lessons remain the same!

An early American flag, revolutionary war painting, slates, primers and baskets. Artifacts are sprinkled around the one room school house to add to the historic atmosphere.


The rain outside doesn’t stop recess. Students enjoy marbles, chess, checkers and a spelling bee of boys versus girls.


Finally the rain clears! A game of tag takes place on the lawn in the front of the one room school house.

Lunch baskets are lined up in the back of the classroom along with a water bucket and ladle. Even lunch time is historically accurate.

Astronomy textbooks, math journals and a late 1800’s landforms
school book are on display in the one room schoolhouse.

A big thank you to the Needham Education Foundation who funded the Schoolhouse Project!

Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
November 2006