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America in Caricature,1765-1865
Political Cartoons of the Lilly Library; topics include About Caricatures, The Colonial Years 1765-1798, The War of 1812, Abraham Lincoln 1860-1865.

Cartoons of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Cartoons from the Anti-Trust movement, Anti-Imperialism Movement, Election of 1900, Careers of Teddy Roosevelt and William McKinley.

Dr. Seuss Went to War: A Catalog of Political Cartoons
Theodore Giesel was the chief editorial cartoonist from 1941-1943, for the New York newspaper PM (1940-1948), and for that journal he drew over 400 editorial cartoons.

The Era of William McKinley

Political Cartoons about the era and presidency of William McKinley.

FDR Cartoon Collection Database
Thousands of political cartoons from the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Researchers have online access to the "illustrations, cartoons, news, literature, editorials, and ads of Harper’s Weekly...the only consistent, comprehensive, week-to-week chronological record of what happened world-wide in the last half of the nineteenth century."

Herblock: 5 Decades at Washington Post
Washingtonpost Cartoonist Herblock, whose name was actually Herbert L. Block, was a political cartoonist for the Washington Post for over 50 years, from 1946 to 2001. His perspective is a unique reflection of history, as demonstrated in this archive.

Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
28 political cartoons, all centering on the impeachment of Andrew Johnson. Each features an analysis.

Political Cartoons of the Hawaiian Kingdom (1875-1905)
"This index represents a portion of the political caricatures and cartoons which were published during a pivotal period in Hawaii's history. Most of the prints, appearing prior to the overthrow and continuing through the annexation of Hawai'i, were extracted from the American magazines, Puck and Judge."

Puck's Cartoon Archive
20 cartoons of Puck, taken with a digital camera from original issues.

Theodore Roosevelt Political Cartoons
Teddy Roosevelt's life through cartoons.

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