For the category of the Pacific Theatre, we were fortunate enough to be able to interview a variety of people who took part in the drive to push the Japanese back to their own islands. Here, you will find testimony from a marine who fought in the brutal invasion of Iwo Jima, a pilot who fought in Okinawa, a navy radar specialist who worked in the Pacific, and more. Many of these men, together with those who fought in Europe, were spared the horrors of the attack on the Japanese mainland after the dropping of the atomic bombs and the Japanese surrender in 1945.


Lester Macktez

Philip Myers

Martin Tomolonis

Gertrude & George Urban

Edward McLaughlin

Charles Allen

Joseph Fish

Bill Riley

William Donahue

Bill Bowman

James Higgins

Lawrence F. Kirby

Alexander Forbes

Selwyn Witte

Eugene Frederick Hurley

William J. Tarpy

Francis Hart

Charles Rizzo

William Healy

William L. Dunphy

Hector Greve

John Carothers

Joseph F. Skop

Zaddie Safran

James Hugh Powers

E.C. Willis

William and Carla Greis

Arthur Olson

Nathan Fuchs

Charles Levy

John Mullin

Bernard Edward Gillespie

Tom Clifford


Joseph Charney

Jim Breen

Alvan Jacobson

Joseph Sultenfuss

Harry Crowell

James Troy

Arthur Lee Nims III

Jack Carroll

Shao-kong Lee

Bobby Dagdigian

Joseph Borrelli

George Goldfarb

Charles Earl Snow

Edward Reulbach

Eugene Dennen

Hugh Solari

Francis Cain

Tewen Chang

Thomas J. O'Hare

Arthur McClellan

James M. Mulhern

Noel Hebard

Morty Bildner

Robert D. Peck

Joseph Maher

Hector Greve

Harold Nectow

John Carey

Fu-Mian Wang

Edgar James Parry

Bernard Colmes

Allan & Alice Queffelec