This page is devoted to those who fought in the European Theatre. This collection of interviews provides testimony from a wide range of locations and battles. Here, you can read interviews with former members of the Red Army, and US soldiers who fought to push the Germans out of Italy and France and back into Germany. The sacrifices made by these veterans in the ferocious battles in Europe are truly remarkable given the fact that these people were just average men living in extraordinary times.



George Scanlon

Samuel Gorenstien

Martin Flynn

Mike Kumin

Karl Nittel

John Dewire

Jack Carroll

George Whitten

Kurt Hummel

Walter Wesolaski

William Reid

Mr. Katz

Bruno Caneva

Rainer Kohler

Donald Hammond

John Hallisey

Herman Mofshowitz

John Marsh

John McHugh

Myron "Mike" Kumin

John Sublett

Arkadiy Shapiro

Paul McQuillen(WWI)

Augustus Sert

Todd Pratt

Peter Caruso

Joseph George Siegler

Jay Sheehan

Jack Sheppard, Jr.

Julian Bussgang

Mickey Rogoff

Haig Merian

Isay Polnaryov

James Brierley

Frank Bowen

Frank Griffiths

William Bahike

Charles Sahagian (Part2)

Herbert Faber

Leonard Murmes

Phillip Mack

Joseph Tierney

Raymond Garlick

Sal Falato

Joseph A. Lappen

Herb Segal

Richard o'Hare

Sheldon Shapiro

Alec B. Craven

Valentina I. Andrianova

Harry Andromidas

Phillip Crowe

Salvatore Simeone

Jerry Goldstein

Joseph Vespa

John Griffin

Hymie “Hy” Glasser

Jacob Gendin

Orazio Valente

Mike Arslanian

Charles Fitzgerald

Melvin Pearlson