All you need to construct a paper fortune teller is a square piece of paper. The steps are as follows:

  1. Fold the paper into fourths
  2. Unfold the paper
  3. Fold over the four corners, evenly into the middle
  4. Fold into fourths again
  5. Flip over the paper
  6. Fold over the corners on the new side of the paper
  7. Fold into fourths one last time
  8. Fit you fingers into the slits
  9. Open

You can now color each outside section a different color, put numbers on the inside sections, and put fortunes/answers to questions on the inside tabs.

How to use:

  1. Have someone ask a question
  2. Have them pick a color
  3. Spell out the color as you move the fortune teller back and forth (i.e. BLUE- four letters, move 4 times)
  4. Have them pick a number from the inside
  5. Move the fortune teller that many times
  6. Have them pick a new number
  7. Open the flap of the number they picked
  8. The answer to their question is on the inside tab that you have just revealed