Eating Habits

While it's widely known panda's eat bamboo, it isn't widely known that panda's also

eat meat. However, they are also such bad hunters that they rarely eat meat. Bamboo is

the panda's main staple, however they are unable to digest cellulose, a main ingredient

of bamboo. This means that the panda must eat enormous amounts of bamboo in order

to fufill it's nutritional needs. The panda is well prepared for this, with strong teeth and

a thumb-like digit on it's front paws. This thumb-like digit allows the panda to grasp

the bamboo much easier. Amazingly the panda will eat between 33-66 lbs. of bamboo a

day. Eating this much bamboo takes a long time, between 10-12 hours of the panda's day

are spent eating. Panda's that live in zoo are feed a more nutritionally balanced diet.

They are given grains and fruits, like apples.




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