Poetry Possibilities

Instant Poetry Forms
Fill in the blanks to create your own poem.

Shape Poems
Click the Select a Theme link to access four categories: Nature, School, Sports, and Celebrations. Explore the shape choices that are in each category, and have the child select one to write a poem about.

Acrostic Poems
n this student interactive, used in several ReadWriteThink lessons, students learn about acrostic poems and are guided through the process of creating an acrostic poem.

Word Mover
n this student interactive, from a ReadWriteThink lesson, students move "magnetic" words in order to create original poems. They can add to the preselected words by creating their own magnets.

Diamante Poems
In this interactive students learn about and write diamante poems, diamond-shaped poems that use nouns, adjectives and gerunds to describe either one central topic or two opposing topics.

Poetry Idea Engine
Get your poetry juices flowing with the Poetry Idea Engine. Created with GoCyberCamp, this activity will allow you to write haikus, free verse, limericks, and more!

Poetry 4 Kids
Browse a huge selection now. Find exactly what you want today.

Poetry Terms and Poetry Forms
A free, online poetry resource providing the famous poems by the World's most popular Poets. Whether your search is for Classic Poetry or Modern poetry you will find the poetry of your choice on the Poetry Online web site. We also have sections covering the Poetry forms, terms and definitions often referred to by those interested in the subject of writing poetry. The poetry terms and Poetry forms will help any students of this subject.


June 2009