Landform Websites

Landform Regions of the United States
Click on the map key to show the land forms on the map.

Types of Land - United States
You can learn more about types of land when you click on them in the map.

Types of Land - World
You can learn more about types of land when you click on them in the list, then chose one on the map of the world.

Landforms on the Planet
An interesting collection of photos (including satellite photos) and descriptions of many different types of landforms. This page was created by a teacher for a high school class.

Landforms Around the World
Visit over 20 famous and interesting locations around the world on Google Maps.

Landform Webquest Scroll to the bottom of Mrs. Modena's webquest. There are great links here for canyon, geyser, mesa, desert, delta, glacier, mountain,valley,waterfall, island, plain, and volcano.

Landforms Glossary Definition and drawings of landforms

Landforms Links to valleys, plateaus, mountains, plains, hills, loess and glaciers

Kid Info Reference Resources: Geology

World Book Online Look up your landform.

World Geography Geography links from info please.

Earth's Observatory: NASA's searchable directory of landform images.

Landforms Examples
The list below includes some of the more classic landform examples using a map of Point Reyes Peninsula (Located just 30 miles north of San Francisco) as an illustration.

Landforms on Topographic Maps
This web page has links to examples of landforms depicted on topographic

Geography's World: List of links including some for landforms.

Habitats and Landforms: LOTS of links to sites with information about landforms AND Habitats

Fjord Formation Shows creation by glacial erosion.

Fjord Formation and characteristics.

Fjord Definition and photos


How do glaciers affect the land?
Fjords, glaciated valleys, horns, kettle lakes and drumlins

Great Barrier Reef

Net Tracker A good place to search for your landform.

Photos and Images

Landform Photos - 9 categories to choose from

Landform Photos - 19 categories from Pic4Learning

Landforms - Clip art and photos from classroom

US Fish and Wildlife Images - Enter your landform into the "quick search" box.

Amazing Picture Machine - Type landform in the box that says "Type text here" and click search.


Rivers of the World

Earth's Oceans

Important Bodies of Water


Search Engines

Useful Sites
Try these search engines or use one from the Kid Safe Searches

Tips for a successful search

  • Be specific. For example, instead of "landform" search for "mesa".
  • When you find an image you'd like to import - double click to find the largest image possible. If the image is too small, it will pixilate (get blurry) when you enlarge it.
  • Click the "control key" + click image. Select "copy image".



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