Practice Your Keyboarding Skills
Keyboarding/Typing lessons and drills help you learn how to type accurately and swiftly. Remember that technique is more important than speed. Sit properly, use 2 hands, try not to look at the keys, and relax. Keyboarding/Typing games help you practice what you have learned.
Type Online
"We offer: • a structured touch typing course for motivated individuals looking to develop their keyboard skills. • a free resource to complement supervised keyboarding education in schools."
Dance Mat Typing
Meet the gang and learn to type. Make your way through all 12 stages and you can be a top typist.
Keyboarding Games
Mrs. Martell has found some great keyboarding games to help you practice.
Online Typing Games
Try your skills at Meteor Typing Blast, Spacebar Invaders, Save the Sailboat Race, and others.
Power Typing
"Learn to type with PowerTyping an online free typing tutor the educational web site for kids, students and adults alike!" Use the Qwerty lessons because that's the familiar set-up. You can use the radio with the lesson to help you type in a good rhythm.
Power Typing also has GAMES that let you practice your skills.
Keyboarding Practice
"Welcome to online Keyboarding Practice, a series of 17 drills to help you improve your keyboarding technique and speed."
This web page lets you practice at your own pace. There are 20 practice lines to type in each lesson, type each line once slowly, then try to increase speed the second time.
Read the Goals and Techniques that are there to help you.
Oekosoft Touch Typing Trainer
"With this program you will learn touch typing systematically. Starting from the basic position "asdf jkl;" you will learn each character step by step. Each lesson is based on its predecessors, so keep the provided order."
There are 6 lines of text to copy, then you click "Process" to check your speed and errors. You can print a copy of your work.
BE CAREFUL: There is a double spcae in the middle of some of the practice lines!
Typing Bubbles Game
Type the letters to pop the bubbles before the float off of the screen.

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October 2008
update February 2009