Here are some sites to help you do some research about insects.

Let's Talk About Insects
This is a great slide show to get you started with your insect research!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Insects
This site has fun facts.
The Insect Orders
An Introduction each to of the 32 Orders of Insects

Insects from Amateur Entomologists' Society
Entomologists are scientists who study bugs. Insects are the most fascinating (and probably most numerous) animal on the planet. In this section we explore their incredible lives.

Enchanted Learnnig ~ Insects

Welcome to The Virtual Insectary!
Like insect zoos and butterfly gardens, you've found a unique place to study and observe a few insects. The Virtual Insectary provides images of some common insects, and includes information on their foods and habitats.
Insect facts from ANTS to WASPS

Select one of the 14 insect groups to learn about bugs.

Reference links from Kid Info.
BrainPOP - Insects


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