Place the State - Ben's Interactive Games
Click on Place the State: Large. Start at Level One - the outlines of the states are visible. Got that one mastered? Try Level 2 nd Level 3.
Benjamin Franklin wants to print a map of the United States in the next edition of Poor Richard's Almanack. Help him put the states in their proper position on the map.

Compare the Size of Alaska
Alaska is such a huge state! If you were to imagine it positioned over the Lower 48, Alaska would stretch from the Atlantic Ocean across the continent to the Pacific Ocean. Try comparing Alaska to individual states!
Coast to Coast Game
How quickly can you move from Maine to Hawaii? Your knowledge of the fifty states will help get you there quickly.
Name That State
Drag the state name on to the map.

USA Quiz
Test your Geography Knowledge. This quiz has 50 questions asking "Where is____?" each state. Read the question, then click on the right state on the map. Good luck.

Do You Know About USA Geography?
Check the interactive games at this site to test what you know. Can you match the names to all of the states on the map? How about state capitals?

The GeoSpy Agency needs you  Help us identify the continents, countries, states and provinces and you'll earn full GeoSpy status. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Puzzled States
Click and drag the states to their place on the map.

Click on the map of the United States, then choose a region: West, Midwest, South, Northeast. Choose a category for your questions: location; places & regions; physcial systmes; human systems; environment; or geography. See how many of the questions you can answer.

February 2009

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