Zoom Explorers
A good starting point for information about explorers, from Enchanted Learning.

Early European Explorers
Check here for information about the first explorers who left Europe on voyages of discovery.

Explorers on the Web
From Cyber Sleuth Kids

French, English, and Dutch Explorers
Who were the explorers that left France, Great Britain, and the Netherlands? What new lands did they discover?

Fact Monster
Use the search feature to see if Fact Monster has any information about your explorer or adventurer.
Spanish Explorers - The Conquistadors
Check here for information about the explorers who sailed from Spain in search of new lands and riches.
Discoverers by Alphabet
Find a list of explorers arranged alphabetically
Kid Info
Scroll down this page to find links to information about many famous explorers. There are sections about explorers from different countries and listings for specific people.

America's Library
This site has Amelia Earhart and Lewis & Clark.


These resources were compiled by another teacher for her students. See if they can help you.
Visit here and find short bios of famous explorers.
Google Web Directory
Visit the PBS and meet the Spanish explorers who traveled to the New World
This site was created by a school in Tennessee.  The listing separate early, Spanish, French, and British explorers.  There are suggestions for activities to try and quizzes to test what you have learned.
Kids and Teens Biographies Explorers
A collection of links to information about many famous explorers.
Biographies from A & E
This site has biographical information about 25,000 people from the past and present.  Use the search page to see if your explorer is there.
My Hero
Directory of Heroes: Explorer Heroes
Treasure Trove of North American Explorers
Click the alphabetical list and see your explorer is here.
Explorers Then and Now
Check here for some information about Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Amerigo Vespucci, John Glenn, Jacques Cousteau, and Neil Armstrong.
Explorers of the Millenium
Check this Explorer Hall of Fame.
Brain Pop Conquistadors
you need the school username & password to view this video
Vikings in America
This is a 2 voice dialogue describing one of the Europeans fisrt visits to North America.


Online Databases for Research

Ask for Kids
Ask Kids is a search engine designed exclusively for young people ages 6 to 12.

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