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Be a Upstander!

Cyberbullying Roles

An Upstander...
takes action against cyberbullying and supports targets of cyberbullying.

A Target...
is someone who is cyberbullied by another child.

A Cyberbully...
does something on the internet, usually again and again, to make another child feel sad, angry, or scared.

A Bystander...
stands by when they see cyberbullying happening, and doesn't do anything about it.

Log onto Digital Passport Student Login, Click on Upstander Upsandter Watch video and play the interactive game.

Write a Fortune Cookie Message

Imagine that you are an Partner and that you are baking a special batch of fortune cookies for targets, bystanders, and cyberbullies. What message would write for the following? Your teacher will give you graphic organizers for this activity.

fortune cookieCyberbully -


fortune cookieBystander -

fortune cookieTarget -


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Click here to write your fortune cookie message.

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Kathleen Martell & Martha Wells
Instructional Technology Specialists
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
March 2011