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Third Grade
What do you know about cyberbullying?

Let's fill out this chart and see what you know.

What is cyberbulling? Watch

What is Cyberbullying A video made by students for students

Cyberbullying from BrainPop

Listen for slogans in this video, Stand Up to Cyberbullying from

What does cyberbullying look like? What should you do if you meet a cyberbully?

stop- Stop, do not engage the cyberbully

block- Block the cyberbully from your game or chat room. Report the cyberbully to the officials.

tell - Tell a trusted adult, they will know what to do!

Create an Anti-Cyberbullying Poster to Show What You Know

Think of a slogan to help other children learn how to deal with cyberbullying. Use this organizer to plan your poster. Mrs Martell will create a website to share your posters online.

Share Our Stories

Let's share our posters and talk about what we learned.

Extention Activities

Alex, Jamie and the Cyberbully, a storybird story by Mrs. Martell and Mrs. Wells

Cyberbullying Quia Quiz

Feathers in the Wind - TeacherTube video about gossiping

Be Safer Online Video - NetSmartz


Kathleen Martell & Martha Wells
Instructional Technology Specialists
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
March 2011