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Student Links


Hot Site of the Week

Hoagies' Brain Teasers & Puzzles

Some AWESOME brain teasers!

math Math

Place Value Multiplication Division Algebra
Geometry Fractions Decimals Percents
Data/Probability Helpful Resources Other

Place Value

Glowla's Estimation Contraption

Estimation Valley Golf

Place Value Pirates - Arrgh! Try your luck with place value with these pirates!

Numbers to Words - Practice changing numbers to words

Half Court Rounding - Play a little basketball and practice your rounding

Order of Operations - mystery picture game

Order of Operations - solve the equations

Order of Operations - help Tortisaurus finish building his pyramid

Spooky Sequences - practice square numbers

Place Value Game

Seashell Rounding

Rounding and Estimating

Rounding - Practice your rounding and estimation skills up to the ten millions place

Rounding Off

Roman Numerals - practice converting to and from roman numerals

Roman Numerals Matching



Multiplication Flashcards - learn everything you want to know about multiplication!

Times Table Practice - breaks down learning your facts into smaller manageable tasks

Multiplication Flashcards

Musical Multiplication - songs and strategies to help you learn your facts

Printable Mini Flashcards - print and cut for instant flashcards!

Apple Basket Multiplication - practice your facts and see a visual representation of multiplication

Buzzy's Times Table Challenge - how fast can you complete the multiplication table?

Math Baseball

Power Football

Soccer Shootout - learn everything you want to know about multiplication!

Home Run Derby Math

Play Kids' Games - choose from a variety of interactive games to practice your multiplication

Hidden Picture

Multiplication Memory

Grid Game - practice your knowledge of factors, multiples, square numbers, primes, etc.

Multiplication Bridge - practice your multiplication skills and catch a bank robber!

Multiflyer - command a space ship and practice your facts

Balloon Multiplication Game

Factor Game





Division Flashcards

More Division Flashcards

AAA Math

Brain POP
Watch a movie on division! (e-mail me for username and password)

How Dividing Works

Long Division Lesson

Long Division with Remainders

Snork's Long Division Game
A step by step approach to division (excellent)

Fact Families

Division Memory

Math Baseball
Practice your division and play ball!

Rectangle Division


Division Bingo

Division Baseball

Division Tic-Tac-Toe

The Number Monster



Algebra Flashcards

Late Delivery - practice your algebra by figuring out the variable in the equation

Equation Match - find the value of x in equations

Evaluate the Expression - time yourself and see how many you can get!

Function Machines - see if you can guess the rule by entering different inputs and evaluating the outputs!

Order of Operations - solve the equations

Order of Operations - mystery picture game

Order of Operations - help Tortisaurus finish building his pyramid

Weigh the Wangdoodles - figure out how much each Wangdoodle weighs by balancing the equations

Solving an Equation - scroll down to the orange section to practice

Evaluate the Expression with Two Variables - scroll to the orange section to practice

Variable Math - see how many times you can solve for the variable x in one minute

Train Race - figure out information about the 4 trains

Absurd Math - practice your algebra problem solving skills

Word Problems



Interactive Geometry Challenges

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Math League - great visuals and definitions of many geometry terms


Jill Britton's Symmetry Page - a complete site on symmetry with nearly 100 links to symmetry-related web pages, organizes into 30 categories. These are activity links to her textbook, so each site provides an activity that further investigates one of these topics

Swarthmore Math Forum: Symmetry

Symmetry in Nature and Art

Formal Exploration of Symmetry

The Diversity of Symmetry - this site uses pictures and definition to show the diversity of symmetry

Symmetry for All

Symmetry in Dance

Symmetrical Pictures


Enchanted Mind - a brief description of what a tangram is and lets you put together tangram patterns

Creative Imaginations - gives the story of tangrams, a free tangram pattern to print and cut out, and five shapes that can be made with those pieces

Tangram Game - brief definition of a tangram and 16 solutions to one tangram puzzle

Tangrams: An Introduction - this site gives directions for making your own tangrams pieces out of a piece of paper

Randy's Tangram Page - discusses the history of tangrams, has puzzles, and shows you how to make tangrams

Tangram Animations


Pentominoes: An Introduction - this site defines pentominoes and gives instructions for constructing them

Ken's Pentominoes Page - This sites gives an extensive look at pentominoes. It gives a brief history of the popularity of pentominoes. It also gives pictorial representations of the 12 letters of the alphabet formed by the 5 cubes, as well as solutions to some of the problems posed on the site.

Pentomino Wood Mosaics - learn about pentominoes and the patterns they create, along with how they are connected to art

John Greschak Pentominoes - This is really interesting because it is musical piece based on the mathematical properties of pentominoes!

Pentominoes - an interactive website where you may attempt to make a rectangle from the twelve pentomino pieces

Pentomino Relationships - this site contains all of the rectangular solutions, grouped into families and explores some of the symmetry within the pentomino families.

Pentominoes Problem of the Week - a good introduction activity to pentominoes


Math Forum



Pattern Blocks: Exploring Fractions with Shapes

Visual Fractions

No Matter What Shape - learn about fractions using pattern blocks

Pizza Party - practice your fractions

Fresh Baked Fractions - equivalent fractions practice

Saloon Snap - practice matching fractions, decimals, and percents

Fractions & Decimals Resources



Rounding Decimals

Fractions & Decimals Resources

Saloon Snap - practice matching fractions, decimals, and percents



Saloon Snap - practice matching fractions, decimals, and percents


Data/Probability & Graphing

Coin Flipping Probability

Fish Tank - practice probability

Data Picking - collect data, create a frequency table, and create graphs

Train Race - figure out information about the 4 trains

Create a Graph

Create your own Bar Graph

What's the Point - Locate points on a graph

BrainPOP - see a video on mean, median, & mode (e-mail me for username and password)


Helpful Resources

All Kinds of Graph Paper - downloads!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - awesome site!

More Virtual Manipulatives

Math Playground

Ask Dr. Math


5th Grade Skill Builders - math activities sorted by category

Cool Math 4 Kids

Figure This! - math problems to challenge all students

Hoagies Math Links - an UNBELIEVABLE collection of math links and websites

A Plus Math - flashcards and a variety of games and activities

AAA Math - a great resource with lots of activities

BasketMath - choose from a variety of topics to practice

Math Fundamentals P.O.W.

Math Baseball - practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Power Football - practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Soccer Shootout - practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers and fractions

Home Run Derby Math - Choose an operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication) and hit some homers!



Math Olympiads

Symmetry - explanations and games

Bathroom Tiles - practice rotations, reflections, and translations


Create a Graph

Train Race - compare mean, median, and range

Word Problem Solving Strategies

Living Math Book List - a list of books related to math concepts

Web Math - a math-help website that generates answers to specific math questions and problems. It shows you how to get your answer (not just the answer itself!)

IXL - see examples and practice 5th grade math skills (organized by topic)

Greg Tang Math

Study Jams - Free-from Scholastic. has created a series called Study Jams, a Scholastic website designed to help elementary school students learn and review math and science. There are short videos followed by questions.

Bedtime Math - There is a new math problem posted every day and each scenario has three levels of difficulty for the problem


books Language Arts

Giggle Poetry

Poetry Archive

Poetry Idea Machine - The Poetry Idea Machine is a fun, interactive activity that taps into your creativity by challenging you to write haikus, free verse, limericks, and more.

Winning Writers - a list of poetry contests and resources

Fake Out - a fun vocabulary game

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun - a variety of vocabulary games

Wordly Wise - On this site you can have the Word Lists and definitions read aloud to you. You can also play a variety of games, such as concentration, hangman, matching, and word searches. There are also flashcards available to help you study.

Merriam-Webster Online - check out the "Word of the Day" and "Word Games"

Newbery Medal Home Page - includes lists of books that have won various medals

Your Next Read - type in a book that you like and it will generate book suggestions based on the one you typed in

Analogy of the Day

Spelling City - enter your spelling/vocabulary words and play games to help you learn them! (Click on "Play Games" after you enter your words, and then choose a game from the "Free Activities" column)

Power Proofreading

Writing Style Guide - How many spaces after a period? Which homophone do I use? All these questions and more are answered on this extremely helpful website!

Wordsmyth - a great online dictionary for kids (Choose the beginner level)

Storyline Online - The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is proud to bring you an online streaming video program featuring SAG members reading children's books aloud!

How to Save Pages '09 as Pages '08 (pdf file)

beaker Science

General Science

National Geographic for Kids

Discovery Kids

How Stuff Works

Dr. Bob's Interesting Science Stuff


Science Made Simple

The Why Files

Science Experiments for Kids

The Laboratory

What in the World Could It Be? - can you figure out what a magnified image is of?

Study Jams - Free-from Scholastic. has created a series called Study Jams, a Scholastic website designed to help elementary school students learn and review math and science. There are short videos followed by questions.

Nature Works - This website gives you everything you need to start exploring and understanding nature’s fantastic factory — videos, interactive games, and more!

Inventors & Inventions

The Museum of Innovation - interactive online museum

National Inventors Hall of Fame

Inventions & Inventors


Customary Measurement


Practice Measuring in Inches and Centimeters

Johnnie's Measurement Page

Fill and Pour

Count Us In - Volume

Count Us In - Length

Animal Weigh-In

Balancing Act

Measurement Chart - See common items that represent different units of measure

Metric Conversions
(only if you get stuck!)

Measurement Game - How many millimeters make a meter? How many feet in a yard? Practice your measurement conversion skills!

Artie Ounces' Soda Parlor - Fulfill customer orders for soda and practice your customary conversions (capacity)

Matthew Metric's Gum Parlor - Fulfill customer orders for gum and practice your metric conversions

Potion Master - become a potion master and learn about customary and metric units

Great Resource - AAA Math

Fact Monster


Weather Wiz Kids

Web Weather

Intellicast: World & Local Weather - This site provides extensive specialized weather information to help plan all outdoor and weather sensitive activities.

Weather Cam - See the weather around the world! If you have relatives or friends living or visiting an area of the world different from your own, you can see what they are experiencing. You can see more than 700 sites from around the world on this site!

The Weather Channel Home Page - Need the latest weather? This site provides local, national, and international weather information. A cool feature of this site is that it has news on how the weather is affecting events around the world.

Weather Underground - an extensive amount of information about weather

Warm Fronts and Cold Fronts - animated comparison

El Niño - Learn about this weather phenomenon and its effects on global climate, ecosystems, and people. The illustrations help to make this concept easy to understand!

Weather in Hawaii - explore volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes.


Earthquake Legends

National Earthquake Information Center

Seismology - how earthquakes are measured

Avalanches by NOVA (PBS)

Pacific Tsunami Museum

Science of Earthquakes

Discovery Channel - Tornadoes

Tropical Twisters

Savage Planet

Volcano Expedition

Volcano World's Kid's Door

Simple Machines

Edheads: Simple Machines - Interactive games about simple machines

Simple Machine Song - complete with lyrics!*

Simple Machines Games - Check out these interactive games!

Simple Machines Quick Facts - Basic information on the simple machines*

Simple Machines Study Guide - a great resource!*

Pulley - A short explanation about the pulley*

*Courtesy of Sarah from VBC. Thanks Sarah!

Vertebrates & Invertebrates

San Diego Zoo Kids - Watch the animals as they go through their day at the San Diego Zoo. Different cameras are focused on the pandas, elephants, apes and polar bears. Remember the 3 hour time difference - at 8 AM in Needham it's 5 AM in California and DARK *grin*. The site also features previously filmed videos of zoo animals.


How Rockets Work - A two minute video from National Geographic



globe Social Studies

General History

History Channel

National Museum of American History

The History Place


America's Story

Those Were the Days - check out what happened on this day in history

Biography Resources

Meet Amazing Americans

300 Women Who Changed the World

Colonies & American Revolution

The American Revolution

13 Colonies - Learn more about the 13 colonies and life in the colonies

Colonial Times & People: Life in the Thirteen Colonies - A great resource! Thanks to Mrs. Owens and her class for this recommendation!

Early America - learn about our country's history

America's Story - a site from the Library of Congress about America's history

Colonial Kids - check out what it was like to be a kid living in colonial times in Pennsylvania

PBS: The Revolutionary War

Betsy Ross - information on the woman who sewed America's first flag

George Washington

U.S. Government

iCivics - A fabulous site from former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Tons of information, activities, and games!

U.S. Government

The Democracy Project - be President for a day! - discover who all of your representatives are!

White House History

White House Kids

Which Founder are You? - Find out which founding father you are!

Westward Expansion

Westward Ho! - A list of westward expansion websites

Lewis & Clark

The Gold Rush

U.S. and Mexican War

Social Studies for Kids - Westward Movement

Westward Expansion - a compilation of websites

Animated Atlas

America's Story - Westward Expansion



Civil War

Geography & Maps

Stately Knowledge - facts about all 50 states, plus Washington, DC

TerraServer USA - maps of anywhere in the US! Can you find your house or our school?

How Charts and Maps are Made - how are maps and charts made of our round planet?

Maps That Teach - Free U.S. and World Maps and Puzzles

States & Capitals - Practice identifying the states and their capitals

Hoagies Geography Links

World Stats and Facts


Early American Transportation - Thanks to Ms. Kearney and her history students for this resource!


rubik's cube Games, Reference, & Miscellaneous

Kidport 5th Grade Home Page - An all around great site to check facts and learn about any subject.

Math Homework Help for Elementary School Students

Hoagies Homework Helpers - Generates customized flashcards to downloadable as printable PDF files

Study Stack - Flashcards for studying any subject. Sign up for free account and create your own "study stack." Students can choose to study words in flash card mode or as a matching game, crossword, word search puzzle, hangman, or word scramble. On the go? Download the Study Stack to parents' SmartPhone/iPad and study while in the car or waiting for appointments. This is a green site, no printables available.

BBC Dance Mat Typing - improve your typing skills

A Game a Day

Brain Boosters - challenge yourself!

Brain Teasers - a daily teaser to challenge your brain!

Hoagies' Brain Teasers & Puzzles - some AWESOME brain teasers!

Funbrain - a collection of kid games and trivia - educational games

Yahooligans - tons of cool stuff for kids - games, jokes, and more!

Brain Pop - great videos on various topics - free online games and puzzles

The World Almanac for Kids - a great resource!

U.S. Mint Games

Free Typing Game

Keyboarding Games for Kids

Only Typing Games

Online Stopwatch



Khan Academy - online video tutorials on just about anything!

Quizlet - flashcard generator

Pace Car - Click here to learn how to use Pace Car

WPClipart - an ever-growing collection of artwork for kids and others that is free of copyright concerns

WatchKnowLearn - Free educational videos delivered over the Internet. The videos are high quality and cover all major educational topics.

Picture Dots - Just for fun! Turn any picture into a dot puzzle.

Zamzar - Have you ever needed to convert a file from one file format to another? Perhaps you have a document in Pages and you need to use it as a Word file (.doc). Or you have a .pdf that you want to be able to edit in Word. Maybe someone sent you a .docx attachment that you aren't able to open.You can try this website. You upload your document, select the file format that you need, enter your parent's email address, then tell it to convert. In a few minutes you can check the email address you entered for the link to download the converted file.

Explore - Explore is for everyone who enjoys learning new things and understands that education is a lifelong pursuit. To that end, explore provides a variety of educational resources -- from articles to films and photographs to interactive maps -- to encourage everyone to never stop learning.


mouse Kid Search Engines


Awesome Library

Yahoo Kids Encyclopedia

KidRex - KidRex is a fun and safe search for kids, by kids! KidRex searches emphasize kid-related webpages from across the entire web and are powered by Google Custom Search™ and use Google SafeSearch™ technology.

Duck Duck Go - Provides a clean, uncluttered interface and a no-tracking privacy policy. No advertisements. Great additional tools for calculations, conversions, important dates, etc. can be found under "goodies"

Searchy Pants - Searchy Pants is a simple and safe internet search engine for families, children and students. Searchy Pants allows children, parents & schools to create a custom search home page for their child to use and allows families to easily communicate by leaving custom messages.

Reference Sites - from Mrs. Smith

World Book Online (from school only)

Seasons, Holidays, and Themes - from Mrs. Smith

Social Studies Topics - from Mrs. Smith

Science Topics - from Mrs. Smith

Grade 5 Curriculum Related Sites - from Mrs. Smith

Encyclopedia Brittanica

Kids Infobits (from school only)

Biography Resource Center (from school only)

Seasons, Holidays, & Themes

American History Biographies

Biographies for Kids

NBA Players

Top Biography


U.S. Presidents

Science Reference for Kids

Infotrack (from school only)

Student Resource Center (from school only) - has audio files



Image Searching:

Arkive - great for pictures of animals! In the search box in the upper right-hand corner, select "Images"

Lonely Planet

Children's Illustrators

National Geographic Stock Photos

National Geographic Image Collection

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