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Overview of First Class Web Pages


First Class Web Pages are created using the First Class software. You log into First Class and access the Web Publishing Folder on your FC Desktop.

2. As of 2008 First Class Web Publishing includes templates, making web page creation much easier. However if you created a web site prior to templates, you can maintain your site just they way you always have, just be sure NOT TO CLICK THE APPEARANCE ICON or you will be committed to the new template mode. This tutorial will include directions for both template and non template web sites.

The overall structure of your First Class Web Page consists of the "Web Publishing Folder" which must contain a "Home Page". The "Home Page" is the first page that will be displayed when your web page is accessed.

Any additional pages that are linked to from the "Home Page" must also be contained within the "Web Publishing Folder".


This Tutorial page will guide you through the steps of creating your own web page. If this is your first time building a First Class Web Page you may want to view the Design Hints section first and then follow the buttons on the left starting at the top to guide you as you create your Web Page.
Tables are optional, but they may help provide some structure to your page.

There are lots of sites on the Internet where you can find free graphics to use on your Web Page.


The URL (http address) used to access your web page will be:

Note: Your name should match your email address.

When your first web page is ready for publication - let me know and I will link it to the school's website classroom page.

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