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Ten Ideas for Using a SmartBoard
Price, Amber. "10 Smart Ideas for Using a Smartboard, Amber Price." Classroom, Education, Technology, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Mac, PC - Web. 05 June 2010.

Interactive Whiteboards in Action
T & L Editors. "Wonder Boards." Classroom, Education, Technology, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Mac, PC - Web. 05 June 2010.

52 Interesting Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom
Barrett, Tom link to presentation

How To: Use an Interactive Whiteboard
Branzburg, Jeffrey. "How To: Use an Interactive Whiteboard, Jeffrey Branzburg." Classroom, Education, Technology, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Mac, PC - Web. 05 June 2010.


Atomic Learning
Online tutorial videos on just about thing you can imagine! See your Instructional Technology Specialist for username and password.

SMART Notebook Software Version 10 - Getting Started

Mimio Quick Learn Videos

TIP: Search YouTube and TecherTube for additional training videos!

Class Lessons
If you have trouble opening a notebook lesson, download and then open the notebook.

Lesson/Activities, SMART Technologies

Smart Board Technology Integration, Lee Summit School District
Interactive Websites, PreMade Notebook Activity Downloads, Resources, Training and Tutorials

Longwood SMARTBoard Lessons

SMART Boards and Learning, Groton Jr. High School
Links for teachers

Using a SMARTBoard and Integrating it into Your Classroom (evaluation)

SMART Board: Embedding into Teaching and Learning
A PowerPoint presentation explaining how to use SMART Boards

Videos - SMART Board on TeacherTube, YouTube, Discovery Eduacation and Teacher's Domanin

TeacherTube SMARTClassrooms Videos
In the search line, type “SMART Board and/or other info.”

Teaching with Smartboard 37 Lesson Activity Toolkit 4 of 4

SMART Board in the Music Room, Hitting High Notes with the SMART Board (Elementary)

SmartBoards in Music Instruction (High School)

United Streaming, Discovery Ed (subscription site)

Teacher’s Domain

Interactive Whiteboard Sites

These activities are for “whiteboards” not necessarily just SMART Boards.

Interactive Resources from Global Classroom, links to all content areas

SMART Board and Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Interactive Whiteboard Games from PBS (mostly K-2)

Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Crick Primary School (UK) - Interactive sites by level and subject

Brimingham City Council - Whiteboard Activities

Sheppard Software

Needham's Interactive Activites



Think Math! Resources (may be changing url)

Needham Interactive Activities

National Library of Virtual Manipulative (check back site not loading)

Smart Board Math Games

Math Maps

Lure of the Labyrinth

         Educator’s Link -

Shodor Interactive (Middle School)

Interactive Math Web Sites - indexed from above

Mr Nussbaum’s Mathcode

Johnnie’s Math Page

Coxhoe Durham School (UK)

National Numeracy Grid for Learning (UK)

Woodlands Maths Zone (UK)

Kent ICT (UK)

Ambleside Primary (UK) - curriculum links

Kids sites


AAA Math

Cool Math

Figure This! Math challenges for the whole family.

Math Cats

Fun Brain Math arcade

Language Arts

Starfall Teach children to read with phonics

Read Write and Think

Student Interactivity\

Construct a Word

Literacy Links


Google Lit Trips

Interactive Language Arts Web sites

Interactive Reading Web Sites

Kent ICT (UK)

Crick Web Literacy (UK)

Sparkle (UK)

Woodlands Literacy Zone (UK)


Social Studies

Sheppard Software

World Geography Games,
US Geography Games,

Free Educational Software

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government

The United States Mint for Kids

America’s Story (Library of Congress)

Printable Maps

Expeditions Atlas

Social Studies Online, Tennessee

I Know That

Social Studies



SMART Resources for Art

SMART Board Resources for Art, scroll down to Art links

SMARTBoards and Creating Original Artwork

Art teachers creating SMARTBoard Lessons!

Teacher Tap: Fine Arts, Links to professional organizations, starting points, resources for teachers, young adults, and children.

Teacher Tap: Applied Arts

ArtsEdge, Using resources, lessons, standards, and how to's. Try their Look-Listen-Learn section.


Norwood Science Center

Teacher’s Domain - from PBS

List of Interactive Sites check back?

Science Games

Exploratorium, Museum of Science, San Francisco

Earth’s Floor, Plate Tectonics

Weather Wiz Kids

The Franklin Institute, science resources


Interactive Health Games, KidsHealth

Teacher Tap: Health & Physical Education, Links to professional organizations, starting points, resources for teachers, young adults, and children.

SMART Exchange Health Activities

Dole SuperKids, kids nutrition trouble? Try and click on the boy with the cape.

For Educators\

Health and Nutrition (middle school) scroll to bottom of page

The Plastic Fork Diaries (Exploration), the story of six MS students as they experience first-hand the relationship between food and their changing bodies, cultural differences, the vanishing family meal, nutrition and athletic performance. Snoop through their lockers, read their diaries, and more. In addition to the interactive episodes that provide the story-line for this site, there are many other features and activities.NOTE: this series is over but you can view all past episodes by clicking on “Story” in the menu bar.

Food Technology from what2learn (Vegetarianism Q&A)

Health Quizzes

Health Lesson Plans

Dying to be Thin (Interactive Glossary)

Virtual Knee Surgery (Simulation) Edheads

Healthy Hopping, Jump Rope Stunts

Out on a Limb (Simulation) Guide to getting along

Stupid. CA, Tobacco education site from Government of Ontario, CA

Newsletters and Blogs


Teachers Love SMARTBoards

The Whiteboard Blog

SMART Board Revolution


EDCompass Newsletter, from SMART Technologies

Templates and Games

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SMART Exchange Board Game Templates

Center School District

Classroom Game Templates, Kara Leonard, Murray GA

PowerPoint Jeopardy

Power Point Game Templates

PowerPoint Game Templates

Parade of Games in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Games

PowerPoint - Teacher Templates

Ready-Made PowerPoint Games


MS Office Game Templates

PowerPoint Activities