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About the Route

All About the Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail, Thinkquest

The Oregon Trail, The National Parks Service

Oregon Trail 101, What is the Oregon Trail?

Quick Facts Which way to go?

History and Culture of the Trail, National Parks Service

Making the Trek, National Parks Service

Vanishing Trails Pays tribute to the great westward migrations of the mid 19th century, including the military and Native American influences of the "Manifest Destiny" period.

On the Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail 101 - Frequently Asked Questions from the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Interactive Maps - Virtual Tours
Click on the links to see images of town and landmarks along the trail as well as information

Watch this beautiful movie about the Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail Tour

Historic Sites on the Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail

Photo Tour of Trail

Overland Trail

Series of Maps from the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center


The People - Furriers, Missionaries, Pioneers, and Emigrants

The Whitman Mission

Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, the first white people to trail the trail.

Narcissa's Letters and Journals

Narcissa's Biography

Unusual Honeymoon

Women of the West, includes biographies of Narcissa Whitman, Tabitha Brown, Geronimo's Daughter, and Margaret Borland.

Pioneer Family Biographies from the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

The Donner Party The Tragic Westward Hike of the Donner Camp, recommended by Ms. Brendese's students

The Wagon

Wagon Diagram and Information

Provisions and Prices

What's in a wagon?

Put 10 Things in Your Wagon

Conestoga Wagon vs Prairie Schooner


Doctors and Diseases

Hardships and ChallengesHow the pioneers dealt with the weather, diseases, trail and common mistakes.



National Park Service (modern day photos) Photo Album

1933 Color Photos of the Oregon Trial

Photo Tour of Trail, Route of the Oregon/California/Mormon Trail in Central Wyoming

Oregon to California Trail (modern day photos)

Oregon Trail (modern day photo)




Oregon Trail Crossword Puzzle

Oregon Trail Scavanger Hunt


Other Resources

Links to the Oregon Trail

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