There are so many web sites, how can you find a good one and trust the information you find? You have to be a good detective! Here are some tips that will help you.

A search engine helps you find web sites, images, and other information. Pick a search engine that is designed for kids, that you'll get information that you can understand and use. There are lots of ones to pick from on the "Kid Safe Searches" right on the Eliot School Home Page., Ask for Kids, and are great ones to start with! Don't forget about the databases. They have valuable information, too!



Try to think of a few strong words that describe what you're trying to find. Be as specific as possible.hose are key words! Type the key word or words in the search box and click search.

Remember, the search engine doesn't think, it just looks for your key words. Sometimes you need to narrow your search. Here are three good ways.

1. Quotation Marks - Put quotes around a name or phrase.

2. Minus Sign - The minus sign excludes this word

3. Plus Sign - The plus sign includes this word

Some search engines will give you a visual preview, look for a camera or pair of binoculars

The search engine will then search the Web and show you a list of sites that contain information that matches your key words. Search engines usually give descriptions of the sites they list. You should read the descriptions to find which site best matches your topic.

Choosing the Best Web Site

When you read a description of a Web site that sounds useful, click on the name of the site. That web site will automatically appear on your computer screen. You can then read what is there to see if it has the information you are looking for. Sometimes you need to look at several sites before you find the one that is best for your research.

Is it a good Website? Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Is it clear who has written the information?
  2. Is it easy to find information the site?
  3. Can the information be checked?
  4. Is there a date that tells when the site was written?

Why would I use this site?

Why would I return?

Test your skills! Take a Web Page Evaluation Quiz.

Is this a good site?

Which site is a better choice for 3rd grader research?
Can you trust this site?
Which is the real Mankota, MN website? Why?


Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
March 2009