Web Site Evaluation

What makes a good web site? Think of the 5 W's; Who, What, When Where & Why.

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus | California Velcro Crop | Petrol Direct

On a GOOD web site you can tell...

...who wrote it.

The author knows a lot about the topic.
The author is someone I know and trust.
Can I believe this information?

...what the web site is all about.

The Web site tells me its purpose and it gives me information that is similar to other information on this topic.
The Web site is easy to use.
Are they trying to sell me something?

...when it was made.

The Web site has up-to-date information and was made recently.

...where it came from.

The information on the Web site comes from a place or person we know and trust.

...why you should use this page.

I can tell why I should use this Web page.
This Web page is better than another and gives me good information.


Domain Names
What can this name tell you?

.com - for businesses, online services and companies.
.edu - educational instututions and universities
.gov - United States governmental agencies
.mil - United States military
.net - for networks, usually internet service providers (aol, comcast, verizon)
.org - non-commercial organizations. - public school


Test your knowledge, rate these examples!

Example # 1, Christopher Columbus - Explorer

Example # 2, Christopher Columbus the Explorer

Example # 3, Christopher Columbus - Truth Revealed

Example # 4, Christopher Columbus - The Man and the Myth

Example # 5, Chirstopher Columbus - Christopher Columbus


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Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
October 2012