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Weather Safety, Warning Signs of Severe Weather,

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Best Kids Weather Links

Weather Kite Specialized Weather for kite flying from Intellicast. Take a ride on the virtual kite flying applet, and see the effects of weather conditions on your electronic rig!

The Storm An interactive Java applet from WCM Solutions which allows kids to make and manipulate lightning and thunder in their own thunderstorm.

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Virtual Tornado

Weather Recipes for Avalanche, Blizzard, Hurricane, Mudslide, Thunderstorm and Tornado

Blizzard | Global Warming | Hurricane | Drought | Hail Storm | Monsoon | Sandstorm | Thunderstorms | Tornado | Tsunami | Typhoon


Weather Wiz Kids

Thunder Storms and Tornadoes

Tornado Safety

Kids Storm

NOAA Tornado Links

Fema Links

Tornado Warning Signs

What do to in case of a tornado.

Recipe for a Tornado

View a Virtual Tornado on This Page Contains a java applet along with several Tornado Links.

Interactive Twister Make your own twister. Pick the F scale force and width of your tornado.


Weather Wiz Kids

Web Weather for Kids

Kids Storm

Hurricane Safety

NOAA Hurricane Links

Fema Links

Track a Hurricane (scroll down)


Storm Encyclopedia

Web Weather for Kids

Winter Storm Safety

NOAA Blizzard Links

Fema Winter Storm Links

Blizzard Warning Signs



Drought for Kids

Drought Information for Kids

Drought Facts

Drought ThinkQuest - lots of good information and links

Early Warning Signs

Where do they occur? (scroll down)

Hail Storm

All About Hailstorms

Pictures of Hail Storms

Hail from Wikipedia, (remember anyone can add to a wiki, so double check your information with another source).

Hail Storm Precautions

Hail Storm Fact Sheet

Hail Storm Video

Very Large Hail Video - You Tube


Welcome to Tsunami Answers many questions about the topic. What does tsunami mean? How are they created? What happens to a tsunami as it approaches land?

Fema Kids Links

Killer Wave National Geographic for Kids

Life of a Tsunami - USGS

Tsunami Information - Tsunami Warning Sign



What is a Typhoon?

What's the difference between a hurricane and typhoon?

Typhoon Brochure Lots of information including how to prepare to a typhoon

Track a Typhoon (scroll down)

Science for Kids


Weather Wiz Kids Lightening


Thunderstorms and Lightening

Thunderstorm Warning

Global Warming/Greenhouse Effect

What is Global Warming? by Al Gore

Climate Change Kid's Site - includes information on the Greenhouse Effect by EPA

Global Warming

Global Warning - Time For Kids article





What is a Monsoon?

Monsoons in India

Asian Monsoon

Monsoons in Arizona



Whirling Winds Dust Storms & Dust Devils

Sandstorm "Where and When"

Sandstorm "Personal Safety"

Sandstorm Photo Gallery

What ca sues sandstorms?

Where do they occur? (scroll down)

Weather Games

Weather Wiz Kids Games

Web Weather for Kids Games

SCHOLASTIC Kids Weather Maker
Using their Interactive Weather Maker, you'll be able to turn a sunny day into a windy day. Or create a rainy day. And if you create the correct conditions, you can make a blizzard - complete with a whiteout!

Sandstorm Word Search


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