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Welcome 2nd grade arborists!
Climb on up and explore trees with me!

Parts of a Tree | Tree Journal | Leaf Sort | Closer Look | Extras

1. Introduction

Secret Life of Trees
Pierre Quaercus (as in oak) will take you on a tour inside the secret life of trees!



2. Parts of a Tree

Draw an illustration of a tree with the parts labeled using Kid Pix. Use this diagram to help you.

Label this drawing from Enchanted Learning

 3. My Tree Journal

Adopt a tree in the school yard. Observe your tree using all your senses. Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Block out all other noises and listen to your tree. What do you hear? (Leaves rustling, birds singing, squirrels scampering?) Now feel your tree. What does the bark feel like? Are the leaves/needles soft, silky, or crunchy? Do you smell anything? What does the smell remind you of? Now look closely at your tree. Is it higher than the school? By a lot or a little? Is the trunk thinner or fatter than other trees? What do the leaves/needles look like? Are there any fruits, nuts or pine cones?

Now let's record your findings in your journal!

You may want to print out this journal cover and blank page.

  • Collect Samples from Your Tree
    Put these in your Tree Journal
  • leaves/needles (laminate)
    nuts, fruit, or pine cones
    twigs, bark samples (make a bark rubbing and include it in your journal).

  • Tree Height
    Can you estimate how high your tree is?
  • Trunk Circumference
    What does your tree trunk measure around? This is called the circumference of the trunk - the complete distance around a circle.
  • Through the Seasons
    Observe your tree in different seasons. Draw a picture and tell how it changes.


4. Take a Closer Look!

Use the Proscope, an electronic microscope, to examine samples from your tree (leaves, bark, acorns, rings etc.) . In your journal, list three things you saw. Print a Proscope picture and put it in your journal.

5. Mathematical Attributes

Leaf Sort

In Kidspiration, use the super group to sort these leaf images by their attributes. You must describe how you sorted the leaves. When you're done, share your leaf sort page with a neighbor and see if they can guess your rule.

These images can be copied and pasted into Kidspiration or Inspiration

Sample Leaf Sort Page

Which one doesn't belong?

Print out the Odd One Out page. On each line there is one picture that doesn't belong with the others. Circle the "Odd One Out"!


6. Finished Early?

Go to the Eliot Internet Activities and explore the Tree sites.

Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
October 2006