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Teacher Resources

Curriculum and Standards | The Mitten Resources| Mammals| Animal Sites

Jan Brett's Animals| Animal Habitats| Activities and Projects |Venn Diagrams

Curriculum and Standards

Needham’s Essential Questions
Classification of Common Animals

1. How and why do scientists classify animals?
2. Where do animals live and why do they live there?
3. How do animals grow and change?

Needham’s Curriculum Database
Classification of Common Animals
Unit Keywords: amphibians, animals, arachnid, bird, fish, insect, mammal, reptile
Vocabulary: arachnids, birds, characteristics, classify, amphibians, insects, habitats,
hatch, life cycles, mammals, reptiles
Learning Expectations:

* know how and why scientists classify animals
* know the habitats of common animals
* know how animals grow and change

Suggested Assessments:

* categorize animals into groups using common characteristics (e.g. number of feet, skin, habitat)
* create a report of an animal in its habitat and why it lives there
* illustrate, write, or role play the life cycle of an animal

: Data Analysis and Probability
Vocabulary: bar graph, chance, compare, data, graph, representation, tallies
Learning Expectations:

* collect, organize, and describe data
* formulate and solve problems that involve collecting and analyzing data
* create, read, and interpret simple pictographs and bar graphs (horizontal and vertical)
* use tallies to record data

which unit?

Technology Standards

*Students use productivity tools to collaborate in constructing technology-enhanced models,
prepare publications, and produce other creative works.
*Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.
*Students use technology tools to process data and report results. Literacy Resources


The Mitten Resources

The Mitten - Teacher Resources
A comprehensive literacy unit based on Jan Brett’s The Mitten with extensive resources such as poems,
songs, literature connections, math and art activities, center ideas and favorite links.

Jan Brett’s Web Site

Animal Mask Downloads (The Mitten, The Hat, Gingerbread Baby and Town Mouse Country Mouse.)

Jan Brett: Teacher Resource File
Great resource site which includes author biography, unit/lesson plans, ERIC resources and references.

The Mitten - A Teacher Cyber Guide by Sheron Mehl
Activities centered around The Mitten such as journal and descriptive letter writing, researching animals
in the mitten and printing masks for a class play.

The Meeting in the Mitten
Animals in the mitten and how they protect themselves.

The Meeting in the Mitten - Webquest

Animals in Winter Web Quest - Jan Brett’s “The Hat
After we read The Hat by Jan Brett, do you wonder what animals really do to get ready for winter?
They can't buy a winter coat or turn up the heat like we do! Let's explore to learn what animals really
do to stay warm and have food to eat.

The Mitten Webquest

The Mitten Webquest for 1st graders and 5th grade buddies. Students will read/listen to The Mitten,
select a favorite animal, together create a Power Point slide and finally write a pervasive letter to a logging
company to requesting they protect the animal’s habitat.

Edu World - A Blizzard of Winter Lessons


All About Mammals Mitten: A Unit from Hubbard’s

Learning About Mammals With Jan Brett's "The Hat"
A web quest for First Grade students and a helpful adult.

All about Mammals - Kidzone


Animal Book List
A list of books that relate to Needham's Animal Classification Unit. Complied and published by Mitchell's Media Specialist, Karen Smith. The list reflects the books available in the Mitchell Media Center.

Animal Bytes - Sea World/Busch Gardens
Animal Bytes were specifically designed to help you quickly find information about some
of the unique creatures found in the animal kingdom. Most files include the scientific classification,
fun facts, and biological value.

Nature Works Web Site - Great links to animal sites.

Animals of the Sea
Feature pictures, sounds, and information about dolphins, sharks whales, the octopus, fish and sea turtles.

Animals A to Z - An Internet Field Trip
Students take a virtual tour of the National Zoo or search for their favorite animal on the Web.
From Scholastic.


Jan Brett's Animals










guinea hen














polar bear




sea turtle

tree frog

wild cat



Animal Habitats
In the City, City Critters
Students take a wildlife field trip of the neighborhood with the Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle to discover what animals might live there.From Scholastic.

Everyone Needs a Home Webquest

Animal Adaptations - An Internet Field Trip
Fitting in with your environment-- that's what animal adaptations are all about!Scholastic

Animal Diaries
Come with us on a journey into the world of animals.  We will join them in their homelands -
their habitats around the globe.  We need to hear from the animals of the earth.

Animals found in New England


Activities and Projects

Jan Brett - Design Your Own Mitten

Mitten color sheet -

Matching Game Cards - downloadable and printable

Polar Matching Game - online interactive

Word Search Habitat Game - online interactive

Stranger in the Woods Word Jumble

Winter Word Jumble

Who Goes Where? Decide which animal name goes in each blank.

North Country Night
Match the names of the animals who come out at night in winter.

Lace up mitten and animal cut outs

Mitten Craft - a Clip Bookmark

Animal Alphabet Flashcards
You print them, you write about the animals... You create your own Animal FlashCards! Web sites

Spot the Animal
An online interactive game. Match the animals and its part.

All About Animals
Find a variety of activities across the curriculum in this animals theme unit. Scholastic

The Food Chain
General information about the food chain and a diagram.


Venn Diagrams
Use this interactive site to create a customized venn diagram.

Venn diagram Generator

Print out a blank venn diagram

or use the interactive diagram maker to customize your own.

Interactive Venn Diagram

ABC Teach printable
Download and print a blank venn diagram

Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA