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Animal Habitats

Animal Habitat Hotlist
List of links to various types of habitats and the animals who live there

ABC Teach
Animal Habitat Theme unit materials

Animals Found in New England

Animal Habitats
Match the animals and their habitats

Backyard Habitats - National Wildlife Federation
An Official Backyard Wildlife Habitat site

School Yard Habitats - National Wildlife Federation

Kidzone & Ranger Rick

Migrate, Hibernate or Resist
When winter hits, animals have three choices; migrate, hibernate or resist. How do animals deal with winter?

Walk on the Wild Side
How do animals survive in the city? Where do they find shelter? How many habitats can you find in your neighbor?

Students take a wildlife field trip of the neighborhood with the Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle to discover what animals might live there. From Scholastic.

Everyone Needs a Home Webquest
Take a look at this webquest to see how these animals find shelter.

Animal Adaptations - An Internet Field Trip
Fitting in with your environment-- that's what animal adaptations are all about! Scholastic

Animal Diaries
Come with us on a journey into the world of animals.  We will join them in their homelands -
their habitats around the globe.  We need to hear from the animals of the earth.


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