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Grade 3 Lessons


Lesson One

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Extension Activities

More Mouse Exercises mouse

Make a Pizza

Make a Robot

KeyMan - Similar to PacMan. Practice your keyboarding by maneuvering around the maze to eat all of the food.


Puzzle - Learn how blocks work while solving this simple country quiz.
Maze - Use Blockly to solve a maze.
Turtle - Drawing with Blockly.
Farmer (more complex than the Maze)

Other Coding Sites

Sequencing - Step by step directions to do a task. Sequencing in important to programmers when they write code.

birdAngry Bird Maze Sequence

artistArtist Sequence

flappyFlappy Bird

animateABCya Animate - Make an online animated gif.

AccesorizeMake an Avatar - code x, y coordinates
ABCya homework activity - Eliot | Hillside | Mitchell

Hour of Code from Tynker

Beginning Keyboarding type

Homekey Kennys - Practice using the home row keys

Type Rocket - Type the letters and watch the fireworks fly!

Alpha Munchies Three Levels

Typing Race Type letters and words to avoid car crashes

Ghost Typing Type words to make them disappear

Keyboard Invasion Select level of difficultly

Teacher Resources

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