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Grade 1 Lessons

Mrs. Bagley | Mrs. Walsh | Mrs. Schwarm | Mr. Daitch | Mrs. Jeas | Mrs. Denby | Mrs. Sullivan

mouse Practice these mouse excersises Mini Mouse

Build a Bot Build a Bot - Curious George builds a robot to do different jobs

Curious GeorgeCurious George Problem Solving and Engineering Activities

train Train Station flower Flower Garden catFeed Gnocchi
bug Bug Catcher rocket Blast Off rampRamp and Roll Video
meatball Meatball Launcher bubble Bubble Pop wall Build a Wall Video



Extension Activities

More Mouse Exercises mouse

Pop the Bubble
Move the Mouse
Pile of Leave
Color Game

Bloople’s Colors
Build a House
Bubble #1 Pop
Bubble Shoot Game

Build a Robot (more challenging)
Connect the Dots (1-20)

Beginning Keyboarding type

Keyboarding Zoo - Learn the keyboard
Type the Alphabet - type 2 - 3 letters at a time

More Challenging Keyboarding Sites

Super Hyper Spider Typer - Easy Level
Key Seeker Game - Divides the keyboard into right and left hands (purple and green). Be sure to use two hands and all your fingers.
Type Rocket - Type the letters and watch the fireworks fly!

Teacher Resouces

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sTeam Grade 1 Course Outline Google Drive Doc

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Tic Tac Toe Notebook - Download from Google Drive


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