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The 10 Regions of the United States

Did you know that Massachusetts is in the New England Region? Of course you do! But, do you know the rationale used to group the states into regions? What do you know about the other nine regions as defined by the Massachusetts State Frameworks?

This web site was created to support TEC's 10 Regions of the United States, a unique interdisciplinary course which was designed for 4th grade teachers, and focused on the U.S. geography standards set out by the new 2002 version of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in the content area of History and Social Studies.

Teachers familiarized themselves with the frameworks and increased their own content knowledge about such subjects as the 10 U.S. Regions, Puerto Rico, and immigration, as described in the frameworks, in order to have a positive effect on student learning. Teachers also examined effective approaches for integrating the teaching of these geography concepts with their literacy instruction using related resources.

This site offers resources for teachers and students learning about the ten regions of the United States. Educators will find links to Massachusetts State Frameworks, lesson design, lesson plans, webquests, assessment resources, web site hot lists, online interactive activities and an annotated bibliography. It includes information about content-specific non-fiction and fiction texts which we believe will facilitate the teaching of these 10 U.S. regions.

Betsy Kalber Baglio, Instructor

Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialists
Needham Public Schools, Needham, MA
December 2004

Kathleen H. Martell