In-Depth Study Using
Primary Sources Lessons

I. Mayflower Compact

Overview - Students will read the Mayflower Compact assisted by audio reading in period dialect, rollover transcription, vocabulary list, and paraphrase translation. The lesson plan brings students on a spaceship adventure aboard the Mayflower II where they are ship wrecked on a distant planet and have to make compromises with their shipmates in order to survive.

Primary Source Used - The Mayflower Compact

Technology Used - Roll over transcription of the compact and audio reading.

II. Boston's Water Supply and Aqueducts

Overview -The Sudbury Aqueduct passes through our school's property. Mass Moments has an article about the Cochituate Aqueduct and how it brought Boston a much needed ample clean water supply. Students will research the Sudbury Aqueduct and post their own article on the Mass Moments web site.

Primary Source Used - Account of aqueduct connecting to Boston Gardens in Mass Moments

Technology Used - Mass Moments website for information and to post student research on Sudbury Aqueduct

III. Artifacts

Overview - Students view photos of artifacts, predict what the item is, see another photo of the artifact in use, and refine their prediction before they learn the true identity of the artifact.

Primary Source Used - Photos of artifact and of artifact in use to help students' analysis

Technology Used - Website featuring lesson and photos of artifacts.

IV. Constitution Day

Overview - This a resource created for 5th grade students and teachers to support Constitution Day. The main page is for students and contains links to introduce the Constitution, the main parts of the Constitution, primary source documents, additional resources for further learning, and interactive activities to reinforce facts and concepts. The teacher page is extensive and includes state standards, lesson plans, webquests, resources, worksheets, graphic organizers, online glossaries, classroom activities, and a multitude of interactive activities.

Primary Source Used - Original images of the US Constitution

Technology Used - Website and audio file.

V. Needham at the Battle of Lexington and Concord

Overview - This website is designed to support 3rd and 5th grade students studying the Battle of Lexington and Concord. A special effort was made to relate historic events to the community of Needham. It contains a primary source map used to generate an interactive map featuring the location of Concord, Lexington, Boston, Back Bay Needham, and map sybmols. A secondary source document, a transcription of the Memoirs of Rev. West, recounts April 19, 1775 in Needham.

Primary Source Used - Map of Lexington and Concord Seige of Boston and transcript of Rev. West's memoir recounting Needham's perspective of the battle (secondary source).

Technology Used - Website and image map.

Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
September 2007