Pre-Columbian Civilizations

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Ancient Mexico - The art, culture, and history of Ancient Mesoamerica. Contains vast resources including information on Mayans and Aztecs, a fabulous interactive map, timelines, and much more!

1800-900 B.C. - A.D. 900-1500 mayan empire
maya icon Mayan Kids - Content rich site with photos. Covers people, pyramids and goddess & god. Caution - does have a blog.
maya icon Ancient Maya Daily Life - Paragraphs on all part of Mayan Life, cute clipart, links to Adventures of the Hero Twins, Mo Oh Mayan, Interactive Games, , The Mysterious Mayas & Maya Mystery winner, thinkquest). Teacher resources
maya icon Mysterious Mayas - about the empire - includes glyphs (bottom two glyph links are broken)
maya icon Interactive Mayan Map
maya icon The Lost King of the Mayas (PBS) - includes Tour Copán with David Stuart, videos!
maya icon Mayans - Information about Mayan history, religion, sports, science, writings and decline. From Kid's Past.
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Brain Pop Movies (ask Mrs. Martell for the username and password)
maya_brainpop conquistadorschocolate

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Mayan Free Clipart - by Phillip Martin, (click on thumbnail for full sized version)


Incas 18,000 BC - 1531 AD
Inca Title
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The Incredible Incas for Kids - Content rich. Many links all about Incan civilization.
ican button Ancient Incas - a website of links to great resources. from Kids Konnect
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Andes Expedition: Searching for Inca Secrets - See the CT scans from a 14 yr old girl who was sacrificed to the gods and go on an Andes Expedition

ican button Inca - History for Kids - Simple overview, not much information
ican button Ice Treasures of the Inca - An interactive expedition from National Geographic. Climb Peru's Mount Ampato and discover an Incan mummy!
ican button Inca Kids Ontario - student project, appropriate? Advertising and slang vocabulary
ican button Incas - The website offer an easy and harder version for students. Many resources, extended activities (including webquests) and project ideas. from ThinkQuest JR.
ican button Mysterious Incan Brainteaser Quiz - The Inca civilization was one of the richest and most powerful in the Ancient Americas. Find out who they were and what they did by tackling this quiz. From National Geographic
ican button Incan Free Clipart - by Phillip Martin, (click on thumbnail for full sized version)


Aztecs 1100 - 1521
aztec title
aztec button Aztecs - A Spanish and English presentation about the Aztec Empire and its fall, and the everyday life and culture of its people. Also provides a selection of games - look like good info, but poorly designed. Text runs over images.
aztec button Aztecs - 1300 - 1430 brief
aztec button Aztecs - from Mayan Kids
aztec button Aztec - History for Kids! brief
aztec button The Aztecs -Information on Aztec history, the empire, government and fall of the empire. By
  Maps - The Aztec Empire, The Aztec Empire - links to photos, pyramids, religion, and emperors.
aztec button Aztec Free Clipart - by Phillip Martin, (click on thumbnail for full sized version)

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