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Intro: Your spaceship was caught in a meteor storm, knocking out your navigation system. You managed a rough landing on an unknown planet. While the ship’s engineer is making repairs, it’s your job to investigate this planet and determine your location in our solar system. Fortunately, the research lab and exploration robot, Probie, weren’t damaged. They are ready and waiting. Good luck, it’s imperative you accurately determine your location - your life depends upon it!

Task: Your exploration robot, Probie, has just returned to the ship with samples he has collected from the surface. It's up to you to analysis the data and determine upon which planet you have landed, only then will you be able to navigate safely home. Use the links below to solve this mystery.


1. Empty the contents of your space capsule, examine each item, discuss them with your partners and list the them in the clue column of your evidence sheet.

2. Using the Evidence Worksheet, list the items in the trunk.

3. Visit the websites below and eliminate explorers until you have found the one that you think is the owner of the trunk.

4. Make notes beside each item of evidence on the worksheet that supports your decision.


Use the websites below to do your investigation. You will be able to return to this homepage by clicking on the at the bottom of each of the pages.



Report back to your crew and announce your results. Be prepared to defend you decision!



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Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
January 2009