Welcome boys and girls! Today we're going to learn how foods can keep our bodies grown strong and healthy.

Nutrition Movie

First let's watch a movie about nutrition.

The Food Pyramid from BrainPop Jr

The Food Pyramid and Food Groups

Learn the Food Pyramid and how to make healthy food choices for a well balanced diet. On the pyramid, foods are sorted into groups. With your team, you will research nutrition websites and discover which food belong in each food group, how many servings of each group you should eat and other things you should do to stay strong and healthy.


Your class is going to make a nutrition web page. First you will draw a picture of the foods in your food group for your web page. Next you will list the nutritional facts you learned from your research. Mrs. Martell will put everyone's work on a website.

Test Your Nutritional Knowledge

Nutritionists! To play these games you must know your Food Pyramid facts.

MyPyramid Blast Off Game
Students, “fuel” your rocket ship with a balanced diet. This isn't easy. Not enough food from each food group or too much fuel (calories) and your rocket ship won't blast off. You need the perfect balance to reach Planet Power.

Do you know which foods belong in which food group? Paint the foods with paint from the correct group. If you short all the foods into the right groups you can help Little D, the dragon, sort foods as they come falling from the sky. You have to be quick, this is a fast game!

Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham, MA
February 2006