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The Food Pyramid from BrainPop Jr
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Mrs. Modena's Nutrition, Teeth and Digestion Resource Links

Kid's Links - a list of kid friendly nutrition links

Mrs. Wells' Nutrition, Teeth and Digestion Links

Smith Virtual Media Center, Nutrition, Teeth and Digestion Sites (sroll down the page)

The Food Pyramid

My Food Pyramid for Kids - USDA

Pyramid Blast Off Game

What Shape is Your Pyramid?

The Food Pyramid and Food Groups - Lots of info links to the five food groups, fats, and sugar

From Kids Health For Kids  

What are Carbohydrates?


Moo Milk - The Story of Milk

Dariy Council

Learning About Fats Vitamins
Vitamins, Minerals & Foods
Food Sources for Vitamins

Hygene and Germs

Learning About Protein

School Lunches

Top 10 Super Food for Good Health

Health and Nutrition for Kids recommended by Mrs. McVey's students


A Great Way to Start the Day

Start the Day Right,

Breakfast Ideas and Recipes

Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Healthy Eating

Be a Fit Kid - from Kids Health

Cool Meals Lots of information on this site!

A Balanced Diet

Tips for a Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

Healthy Snacks

Immune System

Immune System, Ear Wax, Phlegm,

Dangers of Smoking

Smoking Stinks!, Dangers of Smoking, Dangers and Effects,

Nutrition Exploration - Join Berry and the gang from The Pyramid Cafe to learn about building a healthy body. Features games, coloring pages, recipes, contest, and kids panel.

Kid's Nutrition - Welcome to the Kids & Nutrition Web site! Dozens of links provide fun, educational activities and information for children, teenagers, parents/caregivers and teachers.

Keep Kids Healthy - Information on the kids food pyramid, reading nutrition labels, and vitamin and mineral requirements.

Dole 5 A Day - We make 5 A Day fun!
Learn the importance of eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Includes recipes for kids to try.

Just for Kids
Interactive nutrition education for kids who can be a nutrition sleuth to learn about nutrients or find out how their eating habits measure up at the ...

Kids World - Nutrition

DLTK's Nutrition Activities for Children
easy paper crafts (suitable for preschool and kindergarten children) with nutritional themes.

Good Nutrition For Kids and Teens
Information on nutrition & proper diet for children and teenagers. Provides parents with latest research & thinking on nutrition, meal planning, junk food, ...

Mrs. Modena's other Nutrition, Teeth and Digestion Sites (scroll down)

BrainPop Jr

Food Pyramid


Losing a Tooth




Nurtion for Kids - Visit 24 Carrot Press and discover innovative and fun nutrition resources aimed at educators parents and those who care about children's health.

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