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Here's a Historic Map of the Untied States showing the location of the Native American Tribes.
These are the 6 Regions we will focus on this year.
Arctic | Northeast Woodlands | Northwest Coastal | Plains |Southeast Woodlands | Southwest | General Resources

Tribes: Cheyenne | Creek | Hopi | Inuit | Iroquois | Makah | Navajo | Nez Perce | Seminole | Sioux | Tlingit | Wampanoag | Zuni

Arctic Region
Tribes from this region include: Inuit, Yuit, and Aleut
Inuit - Roles of women, men and children. Also food, clothing and shelter.

Artic Tundra

Habitat, Dress & Home
Inuit Homes Native American Tribes: Inuit Tribe
Inuit Culture, History and Traditions Inuit Culture and History

Northeast Woodlands Region
Tribes from this region include: Wampanoag, Iroquois, Creek, Massachuset, Narraganset, and Nauset
Iroquois Facts for Kids
Iroquois History  
Iroquois Indian Museum  
Wampanoag of Gay Head
Life as a Wampanoag Wampanoag People of the First Light
Wampanoag Wampanoag Fact Sheet
NE Clothing Wampanoag History

Northwest Coastal Region
Tribes from this region include: Makah, Nootka, and Tlingit
Makah Culture and History
Makah Facts for Kids
Makah History
The Makah Tribe Makah from Wikipedia
Makah Tribe History  
North West Coast Map

Nootka History

Nootka Information
Northwest Costal Indians Northwest Native America Art
Nootka Tribe First Peoples - Shelter, Transportation, Clothing, Food and Art
Native American Tribes: Tlignit Nation
Tlignit Fact Sheet Tlignit Overview
Tlignit Indian Information Tlignit History and Culture
Alaskan Tlignit  

The Plains Region
Tribes from this region include: Sioux Cheyenne, Crow, Blackfeet, Comanche, Pawnee, and many more.
Cheyenne Indian History
Cheyenne Fact Sheet Cheyenne Culture and History
Cheyenne Indian History  
The Cheyene  
Sioux Fact Sheet
Native American Tribes - Sioux
Sioux Nation If You Lived With the Sioux Indians
Sioux Indians Sioux Culture and History
Nez Perce
National Historic Trials
Nez Perce Fact Sheet
Nez Perce Culture
Nez Perce Indian Tribe History
Nez Perce Indian History
Nez Perce Indians from PBS Nex Perce Photographs
Nez Perce Indian History

Southeast Coastal Region
Tribes from this region include: Seminole,and Cherokee
Eastern Woodland


Eastern Woodland Culture
Seminole Culture Seminole Clothing/Culture
The Seminole Tribe of Florida Seminole Dolls
Seminole Habitat  
Cherokee Culture and History
Cherokee Fact Sheet Cherokee Tribe
Cherokee History Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Trail of Tears Traditional Stories

Southwest Region
Tribes from this region include: Hopi, Navajo, and Apache
Creek Indian
Creek Indian Fact Sheet  
Creek Indian Tribe  
Creek Indians in Georgia  
The Hopi People
Hopi Indian Fact Sheet The Hopi Indians
The Hopi Native Americans Hopi Culture and History
How Stuff Works: Hopi Indians  
Navajo Nation
Navajo Homes Life, Arts and Beliefs Navajo Culture and History
Navajo Indian History Navajo Language
Navajo Indian Fact Sheet  
Zuni Legends and Folklore
Zuni Indian Fact Sheet Pueblo of Zuni - History
Zuni Indian Culture and History Zuni Bear Symbol
Zuni Language Zuni Chronological History

General Resources
Native American Facts for Kids Native American Clothing
Native American Tribes A - Z Native American Housing
Native American Information Sites Social Studies for Kids
History of Native American Indians

Native American Resources

Southwest Native Americans  

Native Peoples of the Southwest

Native American Photos from National Geographic

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