Travel the World

Where do you want to go?

Third graders, ready for a fun adventure?
Before you pack your bags, you need to learn about your destination.


Research - Use these sites to learn more about your country.

National Geographic

World Fact Book

Countries of the World Fact Monster

Kid Info

Think about the Five Themes of Geography as you explore;

      • Location - Where in the world are you?
      • People & the Environment- What's the weather like? How does the environment affect the people?
      • Place - What kind of a place is it? Are there any unusual landmarks or landforms?
      • Movement - How do people move themselves, ideas and goods?
      • Regions - Are there any regions in your continent?

      Enchanted Learning Continents
      Links to facts, maps, quizzes and print outs.

      Exploring the Continents
      Good research tool. Links to animals, people and land forms of the seven continents.
      Ethnic and Regional Foods
      Foods from many different countries.
      What's Missing on This Continent?
      Find out what these continent don't have that all others do.
      Previewing the Continents
      This site contains a multiple listing of web sites for each continent. Topics include maps, flags and animals. Compiled by M. Modena
      Where In The World Is That?
      Great, easy to read, labeled map of the continents and oceans.
      World Stats and Facts


When you're done ~

Visit the Internet Continents Activities on the Eliot Technology Web Site and test your new geography knowledge.

Have a Great Trip!

Kathleen Martell, Instruction Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
February 2012