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Happy 10th Birthday Eliot!

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Hour of Code - Botlogic

Fraction Action

Read The Mitten

Fundations Lower Case Letter Writing Movies

mouseMouse Practice
Boople's Colors
Click to Make a Flower Garden
Click and Drag Animals
Fish Tank - Click and Click


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Digital Citizenship

Build Your Wild Self

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Hour of Code - Botlogic

The Mitten


Mrs. Bagley's Spelling City


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Digital Citizenship
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BrainPopJr - Plants
Hour of Code - Angry Maze
Travel Research

Needham Community Animals
Zoom Animals
Tree Parts Wall

Habitat Research

Shape Poem

TFK Home Page

How to Write a Letter
BrainPop Jr.


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Persuasive Opinion Writing Resource
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Continent Virtual Tours
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Avatar Makers
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Cyberbullying and Internet Safety
BrainPop - Are You Safe Online?
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English Portugese Dictionary
3rd Grade Authors
10 Regions of the United States

Digging for Dinosaurs
Google Earth

How Needham Grew
Journey Around Needham A to Z
Mrs. Sullivan's Penpal Blog
Mrs. Vargas' Penpal Blog
Nate's Costa Rica
Nutrition Resources
Postcards from The Seven Continents
Our State Capitals
Web Search & Evalution

World Maths Day Record

History of Needham

Curriculum Night '10
Mrs. Sullivan

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Discovery Ed Clipart
Fraction Action
Math - Fraction Practice
African American Bio Research

Colony Adventure
Explorers, Missing Trunk
Explorer Hunt & Web Evaluation
Explorers Research
Geography Review
Geography Asia | Africa | Europe
LBC's Log Blog | Avatar
Hour of Code - Scratch
Jamestown Online Adventure
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Typing Club & Keyboarding
Landforms Research

Moon Resources from Mrs. Wells
Native American Regions
Native American Star Stories
Native American Chiefs
Negro Baseball League
Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
Mapping Lesson
Life on Plimoth Plantation
Design a Pollution Poster
Shipwreck Island Adventure!
Web Site Evaluation

Lost in Space Webquest

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Mrs. Mullin's Survey

Fraction Action

5th Grade Fractions
American Revolutionary Research
Bibliography & Bookmarks
Biographies for Kids - Resource
Civil War Replica
Constitution Day
Hour of Code - Scratch
Incredibox (compose music tracks)
Inventions and Inventors
Invertatrate Links
Keyboarding Refresher
Mrs. D'Angio's Keyboarding
Letter Example - Friendly
Letter Example - Business
Letter Generator - Friendly & Business
Make a Math Puzzle
Mark Twain
MapMaker, Mapmaker
Mayflower Compact - Primary Source
Mrs. Wythe's Vocabulary Quiz
Needham at Lexington and Concord
Oregon Trail
Town Meeting
Picasso WebQuest
Paper Airplane WebQuest

Pre-Columbian Civilizations
Tools of the Underground Railroad
Weather Research
Kids Weather Station
Interactive Weather Forecast
Web Site Evaluation

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Red Sox Scores - for graphing


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