Journey Around Needham

Journey Around Boston book cover

Welcome third graders! You’ve been studying the history of Needham.
Let’s take a tour around town, collect some facts and make a Needham book
modeled after Martha Day Zschock’s Journey Around Boston from A to Z.


Step #1: Planning and Research

Your classroom teacher will assign you a letter and provide you with a Journey Around Needham research page.

You will

See a sample

page from Journey Around Boston.

Step #2: Creating the Book.
Mrs. Martell will show you how to use Kid Pix to create your alphabet page. You must follow your story map as you type the your sentence and draw your illustration. Once your page is complete and checked by an adult, you will be shown how to print it for the class book.

As an added bonus, you will record a narration for your page. Mrs. Martell will put all the pages into a slide show.

Needham Websites

Basic information
Needham Historical Society Pictures
Needham, Massachusetts
Basic facts
A Thumbnail Sketch of Needham's History
Needham, Massachusetts
Basic Facts Sponsored by Boston Central
Needham Restaurants
Needham Ghost Stories Needham TimesOnline
Needham Schools in 1900 Vital Stats in 1900
Law and Order in 1900 How did Needham get its name?
Needham Online Pansies and Needham
The Web Directory for Needham
Back Bay Land Fill


Fill out the rubric and see how you did.


Journey Around Needham project created by Mrs. Martell,
with the help and guidance of Mrs. Modena, November 2003.

Eliot and Mitchell Elementary Schools, Needham, MA