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Additional Activities

Alphabet Recognition


ABC Games
Letter/picture matching
Primary Games

Alphabet Recognition
Find the letters on the picture.
Sesame Street

Alphabet Match
Students find a match for the dancing alphabet letter.
©Roxie Carroll - A Kids Heart

Interactive Alphabet Song
Sung by a preschooler of course.

Songs and Letters
Amusing childrens song lyrics, with alliteration and rhyme!
CleverShow Corporation

Virtual Alphabet
Songs, Poems and more for each letter of the alphabet.
copyright J. Madden

Upper and Lower Case Letters


Alphabet Activities
Copyright 1999-2003  FamiliarTales® Inc.

Paw Park
Upper and Lower Case Matching Activity

Upper and Lower Case Letters Memory Game
Memory games with upper and lower case letters.
by Dositey Corporation

Alphabet Sequencing


A.B. Cow Alphabet Sequencing
Students find the missing letters.
PBS Kids

ABC Dot to Dot

ABC Order
Students identify the next letter in the given alphabet sequence.

Alphabet Garden
Fill in the missing alphabet letter
Little Fingers Software

Alphabetizing Library
ABC sequencing
Little Fingers Software

Letter Maze
Click on the letters in alphabetic order to find your way through the maze

Missing Letters of the Alphabet
Students fill in missing letter in abc sequence.

What’s the Order?
Picture Sequencing

Letter/Sound Relationship


Alphabet Action
Click a letter to hear its sound and see a picture.

Letters and Pictures
Click on the objects that start with each letter of the alphabet shown on the left.

Matching Letters and Pictures
Click on a letter of the alphabet. In these activities you select pictures that match the letter of the alphabet.

Beginning Sounds (Initial Consonants)

Alphabet Fun Part One
Click on the little buttons on the left side of the Alphabet Letter to see pictures that begin with each letter.
Copyright Loraine Wauer Ferus

Alphabet Fun Part Two
Click on the little buttons on the left side of the Alphabet Letter to see pictures that begin with each letter and then match pictures that begin with the letter.
Copyright Loraine Wauer Ferus

Beginning Consonant Practice
Variety of activities for all letters.
Kids' Lab

Beginning Letter Sounds
3 levels to choose from. Includes sound.

Beginning Sound
Find the object with the same beginning sound.
LittleFingers Software

Clifford Beginning letter match
Find words that begin with same letter sound.

Cookie Monster Beginning Sounds
Find the pictures that begin with the correct beginning sound.
Sesame Street

Paw Park: Sassy Seals
Match beginning sounds
from Game Goo

Picture Match
Students a choose the letter that corresponds with the first letter of the picture shown.
Created by Monkey Interactive



Ending Sounds (Final Consonants)

Ending Consonant Practice
For all letters.
Kids’ Lab

Ending Sounds
3 levels to choose from. Includes sound.

Ending Sounds
(Also stories and vowel practice.)
Enchanted Forest

Simple Words

Animal Alphabet Tour
Alphabet letter and word association.

Make Your Own Words
Students drag letters on the blackboard to make words.

Online Books

A to Z

BookPals - Stories Online
Read by famous actors. An on-line streaming video program featuring Studio Actor’s Guild members reading childrens books aloud. Hand-picked by BookPALS National Program Director Ellen Nathan, a former teacher and librarian, each of the books on this site offer an accompanying lesson plan and activity guide. Titles include; Private I. Guana, Brave Irene, Me and My Cat?, Knots on a Counting Rope, and My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Stories to Read
Phonetic stories

Pre_school Library of Books
© 2004 Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

Pooh Books
Stories and more!

Welcome to Seussville!


Additional Activities

Between the Lions Word Games
PBS Kids

Building Language for Literacy
Reading Readiness Activities

Elmo Rhymes
Sesame Street

M Modena