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5th Grade
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Sentence Structure


Learn About the Parts of a Sentence

Sentence Sort
Select the correct type of sentences; simple, compound, or complex

Sentence Structure
(COMPOUND AND COMPLEX) Select correct sentence structure that is underlined in the sentences.

Sentence Structure
( a simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence, or a compound-complex sentence,) - Select correct sentence structure

Sentence Types
Select the type of sentence; command, question, exclamation, statement; then edit the sentence
Harcourt School

The Sentence
Students identify the sentence from a list of four.
Houghton Mifflin

Parts of Speech

Adjectives and Adverbs

Change adjectives into adverbs in this online quiz

Adverb Clauses - Cause and Effect Relationships
Fill in the missing statement to create a cause and effect.

Adjective, Noun, or Verb
Identify parts of speech

Be - Verb Usage Online Quiz
English Zone

Grammar Blast
Various online graded activities dealing with grammar skills

Gorilla Grammar
Identify Parts of Speech- Beginner (nouns and verbs)
Advanced ( all parts of speech)

Grammar Is this sentence correct?
Select if a sentence is correct or not by clicking on the yes or no button.
Online Quia Quiz.

Irregular Verbs
Learn the past tense of irregular English verbs

Irregular Verbs
Jeopardy type game for two players

Linking Verbs
Identify types of verbs in this online quiz

Noun Explorer
Harcourt School

Now and Then
Students wiote the Past Tense of the verb given.

Parts of Speech
Identify the part of speech that will complete the sentence

Parts of Speech Quiz

Parts of Speech Quiz

Possessive Nouns

Harcourt School

Subject-Verb Mix-up
Harcourt School

To Be
Present and past tense online quiz

Word Clues
Based on clues and parts of speech given, place tiles on a game board to form words. Explore the parts of speech!
Fun School

Verb Phrases - Find the complete verb phrase

Verb Tenses
Identify correct usage of verbs



Can You Find the Right Punctuation?

PowerProofreading - Edit sentences with grammatical mistakes

Proofreading Makes Perfect
Correct the sentences by typing in correct grammar.
Harcourt School

Quotation Marks
Harcourt School



Antonym Matching
Find pairs with opposite meaning

Antonym Match - Find matching pairs

Write a word of opposite meaning to the given word.

Write a word with the same meaning to the given word

Synonym Match
Increase vocabulary by matching word meanings

Synonym Matching
Find pairs or words with same meaning



Homonyms-Word Confusion

Homonym Practice

find correct word to complete sentence

Online Reference


Online Dictionary and Thesaurus

Rhyming Dictionary
Rhyme Zone

Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus



30 Days of Poetry

Couplet Links
James Madison University

Figurative Language

Figurative Language Examples in Poetry

Paint by Idioms
Idioms add color to language. Help's grand master, Salvabear Dali, finish his paintings by identifying the correct expression.

Poetry Forms
ISLMC Poetry for Children

Poetry Idea Machine
Get your poetry juices flowing with the Poetry Idea Engine. Created with GoCyberCamp, this activity will allow you to write haikus, free verse, limericks, and more!

Rhyming Buddies

Rhyming Dictionary
Rhyme Zone

Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus

Rhyme-Time Riddles

The New Adventures of Yankee Doodle Fill-In-The-Blank Poems Rhyming Poems

Wizards and Pigs Poetry Pickle
Rhyme, Rhythm and Alliteration


Crystal Castle
Prefixes hold the key to building the castle and making it light up.

Prefix, Root, and Suffix Practice - draw a line to make connections

Prefixes Say Plenty
A short slide show followed by an interactive quiz

Use your knowledge of suffixes to match words to definitions.

Suffix Practice
Simple multiple choice activity.
Manatee Schools

Suffix Practice
More practice on s/es and ed/ing
Kids' Lab

Suffixes Say Plenty
A short slide show followed by an interactive quiz

Word Families - create new words from word endings.
Woodlands Junior Kent school

Letter Writing Friendly Letter Example

Context Clues 2
Select correct meaning of the word from context clues.

Multiple Meanings
Online quiz that requires thinking about word meanings

What's My Meaning
Vocabulary builder- match words with meanings

Word Meaning
Select correct meaning of the word from context clues.

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect
Combine two sentences using connecting words to show cause and effect.

Cause and Effect Actions
Online quiz using connector words

Cause and Effect Relationship Lesson and Practice
Online lesson with practice.

Miscellaneous Activities

Anagram Sleuth
Unravel a twisted mystery as you solve various anagrams to discover the secret of a missing Rock Star's disappearance.
Fun School

Aton-Ra: The Lost Statue
Explore a mysterious Egyptian tomb and solve word puzzles in search of the legendary lost statue of Aton-Ra.
Fun School

Bon Appetit
Follow written clues to correctly choose among several options.
Fun School

BookPals - Stories Online
Read by famous actors. An on-line streaming video program featuring Studio Actor’s Guild members reading childrens books aloud. Hand-picked by BookPALS National Program Director Ellen Nathan, a former teacher and librarian, each of the books on this site offer an accompanying lesson plan and activity guide. Titles include; Private I. Guana, Brave Irene, Me and My Cat?, Knots on a Counting Rope, and My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother.

Castle Calamity
Help Colonel Kerfuffle navigate through the ruins of Castle Conundrum to find and recover a fortune in treasure left behind by the Eighth Count of Conundrum. This expedition will not be an easy one, since the castle is badly in need of repair. Beware, legend has it that the castle is haunted!!
Fun School

Guess a secret word as you help a mountain climbing boy to climb to new lexical heights in this version of "Hangman".
Fun School


Crossword Creator

Dungeon Escape
Help Evan the Warrior to release his imprisoned countrymen by spelling the answers to a series of rhyming riddles.
Fun School

Gator's Smash 'Em!
Smash the misspelled words!
Fun School

Graphic Map
The Graphic Map is designed to assist teachers and students in reading and writing activities. The organizer focuses on charting the high and low points related to a particular item or group of items, such as chapters in a book, amounts of money spent, events during a day, month, year, or life, or scenes in a play.

The game of HangARoo is just like Hangman - guess the hidden phrase to complete a level.

WordSearch Maker


M Modena