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5th Grade
Science & Social Studies Activities
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The Beaufort Scale
Live Weather Map
Needham's Weather
Temperature Converter
Weather Glossary
The Cloud Case Detective Story
Invertebrates & Vertebrates
Simple Machines
Simple Machines
Leonardo's Mysterious Machinery
Ed Heads Simple Machines
What is a Simple Machine?
Simple Machines YouTube Bill Nye
Find the Simple Machine
How many simple machines can you find?
Immigration & Industrial Revolution
Citizenship Test
Ellis Island
Ellis Island Interactive Tour
New York Tenement Tour
A Virtural Tour of the Lowell Mills
U.S. Citizenship Test: Could you pass?
Westward Movement
Oregon Trail Tour
Oregon Trail Thinkquest
Lewis & Clark Interactive Game
American Revolution
The Mayflower Compact
Constitution Day
Needham at the Battle of Lexington and Concord
Civil War
The Civil War for Kids
Civil War Image Map
The Civil War Interactive
Underground Railroad
U.S. Government
American Presidency Game Show
Ben's Interactive Games
Election Vocabulary
Name That President
President for A Day
Presidents of the Twentieth Century Crossword
Supreme Court Crossword
Supreme Court Jigsaw
Three Branches of Government Game
The White House for Kids
Virtual Tour of Washington, D.C.
Voting Booth
Constitution Day

Kathleen Martell and Marjorie Modena
Instructional Technology Specialists
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