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4th Grade
Science & Social Studies Activities
Landforms | Light & Shadow | Insects |
Early Explorers
| Colonial America | Native Americans | Teacher Page
Jeopardy Map Game
GeoBee Challenge
Geography and Map Quiz
Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker
Mapping Skills
Maps and More Maps!!!!
Map Vocabulary
Special Lines of Latitude and Longitude
Blow Its Top - Volcano
Travel Around the World
links to many geographic activities, organized by continent
Landform Hangman
Light & Shadow
Interactive Space Map
How Much Do You Weigh on Other Planets?
NASA for Kids
Moon Light Madness
Solar System Tutorial
Phases of the Moon (Quia Quiz)
Phases of Moon
Planet Hop (Age & Weigh)
Planets of the Solar System Movie
ask Mrs. Martell for user name and password
Solar System JigSaw
Solar System Puzzle
Solar System Trading Cards
Song for All Seasons (Rotation & Seasons)
Moon Rotation Movie
Moon's Orbit and Rotation
Earth Links
Moon Resources from Mrs. Wells
Bug Box Word Search
Enter a Bee Hive
Find My Legs
Fish Food
Insects and Spiders
Insect Scramble
Insect Sounds
Math Code Games about Insects
Monster Bugs
Name That Bug
Online Anansi Story
Roach World
Insect Game
Spiders of Victoria Australia
Termite Maze
Worm World
Early Explorers
Early Explorer Matching/Concentration Game
Explorer Trivia Quiz
European Exploreres and Vocabulary
Exploration Quiz
Trade and Empire Quiz
Explorer Word Search
Explorers of North America Matching/Concentration Game
Colonial America
Investigate the First Thanksgiving
Jamestown Adventure
The First Thanksgiving (Scholastic)
Mayflower History
Oregon Trail Virtual Tour
Native Americans
Indian Tribes Word Search
Native American Dwelling Matchup

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