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3rd Grade
Science & Social Studies Activities
Energy | Dinosaurs | Nutrition, Digestion & Teeth | History of Needham
Regions of the U. S.
| Continents | Teacher Page
Energy Games, puzzles and crosswords
Energy Ant's Games & Puzzles
Energy and Electricity
Energy and Electricity #2
Energy Hangman (Needham Vocabulary Words)
Energy Sources
Watt's That Jr.?
World Energy Facts Game
Dinosaurs and Their Fossils
Beyond T-Rex
Big Al Adventure Game
Bone Up on Your Fossils
Build a Dinosaur
Dinosaur Alphabet Book
Dinosaur Bookmark
Dinosaur Challenge
Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle
Dino Draw
Dinosaur Egg Hunt
Dinosaur Field Trip
Dinosaur Hunter
Dinosaur Math Puzzle
Dinosaur Quiz
Dino Quiz
Dinosaur Quiz Game
Dinosaur Safari
Extinction Game
Match the Bones
Meet Bucky the Teenage T. rex
Research Dinosaur
Miss Frizzle Dinosaur Adventure
Scrambled Dinosaurs
What do you know?
Nutrition, Digestion & Teeth
The Digestive System
Human Digestive System
Human Anatomy Online: The Digestive System
Digestive System

Digestive Movie - In One End and Out the Other
Brain Pop. Ask Mrs. Martell for the user name and password.

Inside The New Pyramid
My New Food Pyramid
Food Pyramid Game (old)
Food Pyramid II Game (old)
5 A Day Challenge
After School Treats
Breakfast Detective
Grab a Grape
Have A Bite
Match the different types of food.
Monster Nutrition
Nutrition Sleuth
Nutritious Explorations
Smart Snack Orchard
Nutrition Movie
Brain Pop. Ask Mrs. Martell for the user name and password.
Dental Quiz
To Tell the Tooth
Tooth Games
Tooth Movie
Brain Pop. Ask Mrs. Martell for the user name and password.
The Needham Community and Boston - 17th Century to Present
Back Bay Land Fill Interactive Map
The Baker Estate (Ridge Hill Farm)
Scroll down to William Baker and Pigs

Needham in the 1900's
Scroll down for links to schools, churches and scenes around town

Needham Historical Society Pictures
Needham Boston Links
by M Modena
Needham Facts from CityTown Info
Massachusetts State House
What's Under the Golden Dome?
Online Tour of the State House
State House Quiz
The Ladybug Story
MA History Game
Learn About the State Seal
Massachusetts Facts
Reconstruct MA Artifacts
Unscramble the Word Game
Regions of the United States
The Fifty States - Start your state research here!
Fifty States
Name That State
States and Capitals
State Web Games
U.S. States and Capitals
US State and Capital Hangman
Where is that?
Beat the Clock and Label the States
The Continents
Action Geo Quiz
Africa Country Find
Africa Jigsaw Puzzle
Asia Country Find
Asia Jigsaw Puzzle
Australia Country Find
Australia Jigsaw Puzzle
Continents and Oceans Puzzle
Continent Information and Activities
Continents Word Search
Ethnic and Regional Foods
Europe Country Find
Europe Jigsaw Puzzle
Geonet Game
Identify Regions on World Map
Label the Continents
Map Machine Find a Map
Mapping Skills
Maps and More Maps!!!!
Map Vocabulary
North America Country Find
North America Jigsaw Puzzle
South America Country Find
South America Jigsaw Puzzle
Test Your Geographic Knowledge
Virtual Field trip of the Continents
Where is that?
Who lives here?
World Atlas
Travel Around the World
links to many geographic activities, organized by continent
Travel The Seven Continents Hangman

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