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3rd Grade
Math Activities
Number Sense | Place Value | Addition & Subtraction | Multiplication | Problem Solving |
Data Analysis and Probability | Challenges | Geometry | Money | Measurement | Fractions | Time | Co-ordinates |Teacher Page
Think Math Activities (TM)
IXL Math Activities
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Math Games at EZSchools (G2-6)
Maths Dictionary | Math Glossary
Multimedia Math Glossary (TM)
Protractor Activities & What's My Angle?
Introduction to protractor, activities with optional settings
Math Playground
Play with numbers and give your brain a workout!
Create a Graph for Kids
Online generator
Create a Graph Classic for Kids
Online generator
Number Sense
Counting Machine
Interactive 100 Chart
Magnetic Numbers
Number Cruncher
One False Move
Rounding Flashcards
Place Value
Place Value Football
100 Chart
Addition & Subtraction 
Addition Surprise (TM)
Build Base Ten Blocks
Base Ten Activity
Batter Up!
Batter's Up Baseball
Count On Convict
Da Numba
Doubles Cards 2
Farm Stand
Five in a Line
Missing Numbers
Multiplication Baseball
Soccer Math (add 1 digit)
Soccer Math (add 2 digit)
Soccer (subtract 2 digit #)
Problem Solving
Spacey Math
Soccer Shootout (fractions)
Subtraction - Two-digit Numbers to 100
Techno Tortoise
Math Racing Multiplication Intro (Adding)
High Rise Math (TM)
Tic Tac Toe
Two Minute Warning (click add)
Math Basketball (Multiplication Properties)
Multiplication Jeopardy
Farm Stand Math Game
Batter's Up Baseball
Lemonade Larry
Soccer Shootout
Hoop Shoot (1 digit by 2 digits)
Tic Tac Toe
Hoop Shoot (1 digit)
Racing Multiplication - 10x

Fly a Kite (TM) mul & div

Product Game (4 in a Row)
Operation Snowman (TM)
choose multip, div, or subtration
Operation Blustery Day (TM)
choose add, div, or multip
Two Minute Warning
Problem Solving
Aunty Math
Problem of the Week
Solve weekly fundamental math,
pre-algebra and geometry problems.
Math Mountain
Data Analysis & Probability
Data Analysis & Probability Main Page
Bar Chart
Pie Chart
Carnival Jackpot
Ladybug Mazes
Flip It Frenzy
Nets for Solid Shapes
Shape Catcher
Simon Says
Simon Says2
Tangram Games
Topsy Turvy
Trouble Bubbles
Robo Packer - Practice slides, flips & turns
Icy Slides, Flips & Turns
Addition with Money
Counting Change
Counting Coins
Count the Money
Coin Values
Learn to Count Money
Making Change (scroll down)
Making Change with the Fewest Number of Coins
Spending Spree
Measurement Activities
Cross the River (TM)
Matching Fractions (TM)
Match Up Time
Match the Clocks
Fairy Clock (analog)
What Time Will It Be?
Write a Personalized Time Story
Billy the Bug

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