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2nd Grade
Science & Social Studies Activities
Magnets | Rocks & Minerals | Community Animals | Human Skeleton | Trees
The Senses
| 5 Themes of Geography |
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Earth Day Activities


Magnet Battleship
Magnets and Springs


Rocks & Minerals
Rock & Mineral Dictionary
Rock Glossary
Minerals in your House
Knowledge Nuggets
Dig into Geology Word Search Activity
Mining for Minerals
Name that Rock
Rock Quiz
Community Animals
Animal Fun Page, PBS
Human Skeleton
Build a Skeleton Game
Interactive Skeleton
Skeleton Map
The Senses
Taste Activity
Smell Word Search
ISpy Bingo
Optical Illusions
The Five Senses Quiz
The Ear Word Search
The Eye Word Search
Taste Word Search

Touch Word Search

The 5 Themes of Geography
Label the Continents
Name the Continents
Click on a Continent to Learn More About It
Click on the Correct Continent or Ocean
Ask Asia
Chinese New Year Games
Counting Koi
Countdown to the New Year - Red Envelopes
Map It!
Musical Lanterns
Pictures as Words
World Continents Quizzes
Find the Continents
Continent Memory Game
Name the Continents
Miss Maggie's GeoSpy
Story Maker
U.S. Geography Games
US State Match

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