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1st Grade
Math Activities
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Multimedia Math Glossary Think Math Activities (TM)
Number Sense
Dive for the Treasure (TM)< or >
Create Number Patterns (TM)
Match Numbers and Number Words (TM)
10 Less Shoot Out
By the Bay
Carnival Jackpot
Carnival Ride
Carnival Cars
Color by Numbers
Fairies in the Fog
Find 1 More
Connect by 5 and 10 (TM)
Connect the Dots by 2 (TM)
Great Day for Number Lines (TM)
Skip-Counting with a Calculator (TM)
Place Value
Addition & Subtraction 
Adding Bricks(TM)
Seashell Search (TM)
Calculator Addition and Subtraction (TM)
Busy Bees (TM)
Fireflies (TM)
Day at the Beach (TM)
Using Subtraction (TM)
Subtract to Compare (TM)
Flower Power (TM)
High Rise Math (TM)
100 Hunt
100 Hunt +10
100 Hunt -10
100 Hunt +9
100 Hunt -11
+5 Fuel Stop
Add 10 Sub Challenge
Adding 3 Numbers
Addition Level 1
Addition Facts to 20
Addition Memory Game
Addition Sums 10-18
Addition Surprise
Catch 10
Da Numba
The Dragon's Eggs
Doubles Cards 1
Froggy Hops
Funky Mummy
Monkey Maths
Robin Hood Archery Doubles
Robin HoodDoubles Beyond 10
Safe Cracker
Save the Whale
Spacey Math
Take It Away
Test The Toad
Two Minute Warning: Add
Two Minute Warning: Combo
Two Minute Warning: Subtract
Bead Patterns
Pattern Builder
People Patterns
Simon Says
Guess My Rule
Guess My Button
Oochina's Code
Follow a Path (TM)
Solid Figures and Plane Shapes(TM)
Buzzing with Shapes
Flip It Frenzy
Little Rocket Man
Sammy's Shapes
Shape Sorter
Shape Sorter Match Up
Telling Time
Counting Money (TM)
Spending Spree
Coin Song, Mrs. Bagley's Class 06 - 07
Cross the River (fractions) (TM)
Bright Balloons (probability) (TM)
Bear Market
Mr. Elephant's Memory Game

Kathleen Martell and Marjorie Modena
Instructional Technology Specialists
Needham Public Schools, Needham, MA
July 2004