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Ants Koday's Kids Amazing Insects All About Ants
3-D Insects Pestworld for Kids - Ants
About Ants  
Ants from Enchanted Learning  
Honey Bee Koday's Kids Amazing Insects

Pestworld for Kids - Bees

3-D Insects Honey Bee  
Honey Bee Links  
Honey Bee from Enchanted Learning  
Beetles Koday's Kids Amazing Insects Pest World for Kids - Beetles
Beetles from Enchanted Learning  
Anatomy of a Beetle from Enchanted Learning  
Monach Butterfly Koday's Kids Amazing Insects Fun Butterfly Facts for Kids
Butterflies and Moths from Enchanted Learning More Fun Butterfly Facts
Butterfly Information San Diego Zoo Butterfly Fast Facts
Children's Butterfly Site  
Cockroach Koday's Kids Amazing Insects Amazing Roach Facts
3-D Insects Facts About Cockroaches
Facts About Cockroaches Cockroaches are Everywhere Video - National Geo
Pest World for Kids - Cockroaches  
Dragonfly Koday's Kids Amazing Insects Facts About Dragonflies
Dragonfly from Enchanted Learning Dragonfly Facts
Facts and Myths About Dragonflies Dragonfly Information
Information about Dragonflies BioKids Dragonfly
Firefly Koday's Kids Amazing Insects Facts About Fireflies
Firefly from Enchanted Learning, (also see Beetles) 14 Facts About Fireflies
Firefly Facts and Pictures - Nat Geo Cool Fireflies
Facts About Fireflies  
Grasshopper Koday's Kids Amazing Insects Interesting Grasshopper Facts
3-D Insects Fun Grasshopper Facts
Grasshopper from Enchanted Learning Grasshopper Fact Sheet
Grasshopper Facts and Types Grasshopper Facts
Ladybug Koday's Kids Amazing Insects Facts for Kids
Ladybug from Enchanted Learning, (also see Beetles)  
Ladybug Facts and Pictures - Nat Geo  
Mosquito Koday's Kids Amazing Insects Pest World for Kids - Mosquitos
3-D Insects  
Mosquito from Enchanted Learning  

Mosquito's Life Cycle from Enchanted Learning


General Insect Research Sites

Information on insects - Ant lion to Wasp .

Insect Dictionaries and Glossaries
List of many dictionaries and glossaries. BuzzWords and BeePop Glossaries are especially helpful to 4th graders.

Bug Bios
The fascinating stories of insects and the roles they play in our lives. Includes photos, lesson ideas, and links to other sites.

Bug Bios Listing of 98 records organized by 14 insect ordinal groups.

Koday's Kids Amazing Insects
One of the best insect sites for kids on the internet! Links to 50 specific insects. Lots of great insect pictures and facts. Great information for insect projects!

Insect Information for Kids
Good basic information and facts on insects with links to additional resources.

Virtual reality illustrations of 16 insects and arachnids. Very cool. Links to additional insect resources.

The Wonderful World of Insects
A kid-friendly site with an abundance of information about insects and related organisms. Beware of advertisements... Don't fall for the flashing "winner" message!

Insect Anatomy What makes an insect an insect?

Glossary Look up your insect.

Insect List of Records The Guiness Book of World Records for Insects. Includes the fastest flier, most tolerant of cold, largest, and smallest eggs.

Insect Anatomy Printouts From Enchanted Learning

Hot list: Insects
A long list of Insect Species, Information and Facts, Insects and Human Society - How Insects Have Shaped Human History; Insect-Themed Food; Insects as Food; Get This Bug Off of Me; and more.

Bugs and Insects
From - Answers to kid's commonly asked questions.

The site focuses on insects of San Francisco but of has valuable information about anatomy, metamorphosis, order, how to find insects as well as a great glossary. Click on Insect Basics to get started. UC Berkeley's College of Natural Resources.

Insect and Pest Fact Sheets
Lots of insects! Sponsored by Ohio State University.

Mrs. Modena's Insect Page Lots of links to specific insects! A fabulous resource.

Insect or Arachnid? The first page of the Insect and Arachnid Game compares the differences.

World Book Encyclodepia Online (from school)

BrainPop Movie BrainPop has two movies: Insects and Metamorphosis. Ask Mrs. Martell for the user name and password.


Search for Specific Insects

Looking for information about one specific insect? Try a search engine. Students have been having good luck with It's a search engine created by the folks at Google for elementary students just like you. The search results will be at your reading levels, not a college student's! for Fast Facts

Look here for other kid friendly search sites. Kid Safe Search Sites



Search Tips

For best results

  • Use correct spellings
  • Be specific - use + (plus sign) to narrow your search. Example ant + diet
  • Try different keywords such as your insect and diet, anatomy, or habitat.

Look here for more tips. Search Tips



Insect Photos & Images

Insect Images & Photos
Long list of insect image sites.

Entomology Image Gallery - Iowa State University
A large collection of photographs and movies of insects and other arthropods and the damage they cause. Includes links to accompanying articles.

The Virtual Insectary Provides images of some common insects, information on the foods they eat, and the habitats where they can be found.

Kid Friendly Image Search Sites


Insect Online Activities

Finished early? Test your knowledge of insect facts with these Interactive Insect Activities. Remember to stay on the insect links only.



Online Puzzle Maker

Create an Online Puzzle Enhance your insect project with a custom puzzle made by you! Just copy and paste the finished puzzle into your insect project!



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