Geography Review
Where in the world are you?
Go to Google Earth (Application on your dock) and type in your address. Be sure to include your street, town, state and zip so Google Earth can find your location on Earth.

Important Points

  • North, south, east, and west describe direction.
  • Most maps show north at the top.
  • You can use compass directions to describe the relationship of one place to another. One place is north, south, east, or west of another place. This kind of orientation is known as relative location.
  • Using longitude and latitude, a grid of imaginary lines created by geographers, it is possible to identify the absolute location of any point on the Earth's surface.
  • The distance scale shows the actual distance on the ground between two points shown on a map.
  • "Large-scale" and "small-scale" to describe the amount of area on the ground covered by a map. A large-scale map shows a small land area in great detail. A small-scale map shows less detail, but a larger land area.

Learn More About The Continents

Click once on a continent name to find more information on that continent. How well do you know the flags of each country?

Continent Extremes
Find out which continent holds the tallest, biggest, hottest and coldest records.

National Geographic MapMaker
Search the continents or your own backyard

Learn More About Maps

Map Maker's Glossary

Latitude and Longitude

World Atlas

Map with latitude, longitude, equator and prime meridian labeled.

Map Reading Activity
Enchanted Learning


Test your knowledge

Where is that?
A challenging map game; FUNBRAIN will show you map. For each screen, identify the correct country (or state). Check the correct box or type in the name (spelling counts).

Crack the Code
Use latitude and longitude to break the secret code and find out where thieves have taken the loot!
Open this map finder in a new browser window or use a printed world map

Geographic Continent Map Game
Answer these questions about the continents

Alienz Map Game
Beam the aliens to the correct geographic location.

Fast track game from National Geographic. Sign in using the name "student" and pick the continent game.

More Continent Activities

Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
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September 2006