Fraction Action!

Fractions Model

Good for whole class instruction/modeling

Fraction Game

The object of the game is to get all of the markers to the right side of the game board, using as few cards as possible.

Flowering Fractions

Flower Fractions

Click a fraction to replace all the flower's petals.

Fraction Fun


Fraction Splat


Fraction Man

Fraction Man
Mae equivalent fractions to start the fireworks!

Tony's Pizza Shop

Tony's Pizza

Clara's Ice Cream Shop

Clara's Ice Cream Shop
Reducing fractions

Cookies for Grampy

Cookies for Grampy
Drag cookie pieces into the circle to make new fractions.

Equivalent Fractions

Find GrampyFind Grampy

Grampy is hiding somewhere on the number line,
can you find him?


Fraction Addition / Common Denominators Exercise

Fraction Rings

Loat so fgmes