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Zoom Dinosaurs
Zoom Dinosaurs is a comprehensive on-line hypertext book, by Enchanted Learning, about dinosaurs. Lots of information here.

Table of Contents - Everything on this website about dinosaurs listed by topic.

What is a dinosaur? - General information about all dinosaurs and their characteristics.

Dinosaurs A - Z - Information pages about dinosaurs listed alphabetically.

Dino Fact Sheet - Get the quick facts on a dinosaur from this list.

Dino Print Outs - Print out an outline drawing of a dinosaur.

Anatomy and Behavior - Be sure to check the other links under the title, "DINOSAUR ANATOMY AND BEHAVIOR."

List of Dinosaurs Dinosaur illustrations listed A to Z

Dinosphere, Now you're in their world! (Be sure to click on "View the Dinosaur Map" "View Dinosaur Types" and "View the Dinosaur Timeline" at the top of the page!)

Dino Data - facts about dinosaurs

Dinorize It - flash cards to help you memorize the different dinosaurs

Paleontology - this link seems to be broken?

Dino Games - lots of games to help you learn more about dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs
Age of Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Information from BBC

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The Great Dinosaur Mystery
Story of the dinosaurs.


Kid Safe Searches for Kids.
Get more information about dinosaurs here.


Dinosaur Fun at Enchanted Learning
This site offers dinosaur jokes, a game, crafts, coloring printouts, and a Dinosaur Information Site.

More Interactive Dinosaur Activities

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