Colonial Life

Here are three great activities that let you explore colonial life. Imagine you left your home and sailed to the New World for a new life. Would you like this strange new land? Would you have survived? Visit the sites below and see if you make the right decisions. Your choices mean life or death!

Step 1: Journey Across the Ocean

Welcome aboard! You are leading a group of settlers on their way to the new world. May you have a safe and fantastic voyage.

Fantastic Journey

Step 2: Establish a Settlement in the New World

Jamestown was the first English colony in North America. The colonist had many important decisions to make. Click on the photo to see what choices you would pick. Be sure to ask for advice - it could mean life or death for your colony! Use this worksheet.

Jamestown Colony

Step 3: How would you do?

Would you have survived on the colony? Take this quiz to see if you are a survivor.

Colonly Life

Step 4: Extension Videos

Watch this movie about Jamestown
Virtual Tour
Visit Jamestown - John Smith's voyage, the settlement and fort panaramas

Ship Line

Patrick Kerr, 4th G Eliot School
Kathleen Martell
, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
May 2010